Here Is The Official BS For Why Gas Prices Have Risen

Container of Gasoline

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So it would seem because the economy has improved, albeit very little, and we all spent a few extra dollars on Christmas presents – GREEN LIGHT – it’s okay a gouge us at the gas pump.  Some mumbling about commodities, the dollar is worthless, gas supplies are good and all that rot.  So bend over America!

Gas prices have risen nationally, 16 cents over last month and 46 cents over last year!  The price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3.05 (national average).

Many people are only doing absolutely necessary driving, me included!  This is highway robbery!  Time for another boycott!  Seems if we don’t buy anything, the price of gasoline will come back down following this logic!

Great way to stimulate the economy, not!

One comment on “Here Is The Official BS For Why Gas Prices Have Risen

  1. You can boycott all you want.What NEEDS to happen is contacting our elected officals and tell them loud and clear “DRILL BABY DRILL”!We NEED to be drilling our own oil.That way we TRUELY become energy independant and create AMERICAN jobs.It is a known fact that we have in THIS country about 200 years worth of oil.Tell Mr Obama to cut the Green Energy BS and allow drilling in our OWN country.We elected a lot of new faces in Washington,we NEED to tell them what WE the people want!Remember,they work for US!We have the right to fire them or hire them.

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