Lower-Income Rental Complex Proposed For Norristown

“A proposal for 48 rental apartments on Sandy Street subsidized by federal tax credits ran into pointed questions and some opposition when it was recently presented to council”…. read the full story on the Times Herald:


Hat Tip to Chris Huff for bringing the story to my attention!

Here is another story from the Philadephia Inquirer with their take on the lower-income rental complex proposed for Norristown and includes Pottstown in their discussion.  Another hat tip to Chris Huff for the link!


2 comments on “Lower-Income Rental Complex Proposed For Norristown

  1. The rents listed in this article are a lot closer to market-rate than what the Pottstown Sr. housing project were quoted as..how can they get away with this if they have an actual moratorium on rental units, or was that just conversion of existing single family dwellings into rental units?

    Most important is that Bruce Fazio isn’t let off the hook for that nightmare of a development this project would replace. He is from one of a few families in Norristown that have had many connections for many years and have gotten away with lots of shady deals.

    Glad to see there was some opposition-I know Cathy Lawrence personally and I’d love to hear her reasoning for supporting the developer.

  2. Thanks for your insight Mary-Beth. It’s nice to have someone who knows the scene down in Norristown and can comment with firsthand knowledge.

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