Phoenixville Raises Property Taxes, Adds Per Capita Tax And Scraps July 4th Fireworks

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Phoenixville Borough Council has passed a 2011 budget with a 9.9% property tax increase.  No police officers were laid-off but there were 5 casualties in other departments. Raises for borough employees are not happening in 2011 and employee health insurance co-pays were increased.

Council is bringing back a per capita tax (eliminated more than 10 years ago) which will amount to $10.00 for each borough resident over 18 years of age.

The budget vote was deadlocked at 4-4 but Mayor Scoda voted “yes” to break the deadlock and pass the budget.

Phoenixville residents are also looking at increases in sanitation fees, water rates and sewer rates.  In addition, Council removed fireworks funding for the Fourth of July celebration in the borough from the 2011 budget.

4 comments on “Phoenixville Raises Property Taxes, Adds Per Capita Tax And Scraps July 4th Fireworks

  1. Hi Roy, this is an interesting story. I think many people (myself included) always look to Phoenixville as an example of a place with a renovated, lively downtown and a place where home values have increased tremendously over the last decade. Unfortunately, it looks like a vibrant downtown and increased housing values cannot keep taxes and expenses in check. As far as Pottstown is concerned, I think we need a ‘perfect storm’ of a better downtown, increased home prices and….we should look to develop the former factories and industrial spaces that occupy the borough south of High Street. We have some other properties that could be developed between Beech and Jefferson, Hanover to Evans. In any case, I think we need both small and large businesses in town if we really want to see taxes go down. Have a great holiday!

    Andrew Kefer

  2. Howdy Andrew!

    You are correct, all of those things are needed.

    A diversified industrial base with large and small business is key. Pottstown had alot of eggs in the Firestone and Bethlehem steel basket. When they closed it was very damaging, then followed by Stanley Flagg, Mrs. Smith’s, Neapco etc… We need to fill up our industrial parks with small and medium sized factories or commerce of some kind other than retail!

    You have a great holiday too Andrew!

  3. My 2cents worth…we need to attract green technologies for future sustainability to our industrial parks. We need greed technology research co’s and we need the arts, farm markets, whole food grocery stores, attractive & affordable “green” housing renovations.

    There is a bucket load of grant money for innovative communities. If we cannot get our leaders off their duffs to go for the gusto we need to remove them by whatever means we taxpayers have at our disposal.

    On that note: Merry Christmas Roy and everyone!!

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