Positively Pottstown Provides Pottstown Small Businesses With SCORE Scholarships

Three cheers for Positively Pottstown blogger Sue Repko for her donation of two SCORE business seminar scholarships for any new or existing business in Pottstown!  SCORE is located in the New York Plaza building on High Street.  Attending these workshops would be invaluable in helping any business in Pottstown succeed!  Thanks for walking the talk Sue!!!  You can click on a link for Positively Pottstown on the right side of your screen under Big 5 Blogroll.

Read the full store here:


2 comments on “Positively Pottstown Provides Pottstown Small Businesses With SCORE Scholarships

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Roy! I should add that if there are any businesses or donors who want to help keep these scholarships going, they should get in touch with me. SCORE runs these workshops four times a year. We could actually have something tangible to point to and say, “Pottstown welcomes entrepreneurs & supports its businesses.”


  2. Always a pleasure Sue!

    You heard the lady folks, let’s give this puppy some legs! What better way to promote business than to roll out the welcome mat and walk the talk!

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