Brick House Owner Dave Walsh Seeks Funding To Buy Building

Kudos to Dave Walsh for stepping up to the plate and once again trying to do a great thing for Pottstown.  The Brick House has been wildly successful and a huge benefit to downtown Pottstown.  Walsh runs a first class operation at the Brick House along with several other companies he owns.  Dave embodies the entrepreneurial spirit as well as being someone who cares about Pottstown!

I had the honor of interviewing Dave a couple of years ago and got to know him.  I can think of no better person to buy the most significant piece of real estate in our downtown because I know Dave will make sure it prospers for years to come.

It sounds as though Borough Council is behind Dave’s plan to seek funding to buy the building.  I can only say I 110% support this venture and am glad to see that Borough Council and Jason appear willing to issue a letter of support.  Assisting Dave in securing the necessary financing would be one of the best investments this council could make for Pottstown’s revitalization!

Two Roy’s Rants thumbs up for Dave Walsh and Borough Council!

6 comments on “Brick House Owner Dave Walsh Seeks Funding To Buy Building

  1. Yes, I heard about this at the COTW meeting the other night. I haven’t had a chance to meet Dave, but the next P!P Happy Hour is taking place at the Brickhouse this coming Wednesday, Dec. 15 from 5-7 pm. Hope a lot of folks can come out to support this local business!


  2. Sue, I think you will enjoy meeting Dave. He personifies all the good things about a business owner and he is positive about Pottstown!!!

  3. The Brick House is a success story that Pottstown should build on. I hope that the owner can obtain the funding without it bankrupting him.

    (Sarcasm Warning)perhaps there is some more money in the PART Promotions fund to help him!

  4. Oh yeah, the borough’s got some public trust to gain back. Redemption, Hail Mary’s. Spend a little on this endeavor and the rewards will be HUGE. Dave Walsh for Council President? Business sense, loves Pottstown, “first class operator”. The complete package. Good on ya Dave.

  5. I’m glad Mr. Walsh has the support of Council – this is a person worth working with to ‘kick start’ a new way of doing things! He is the perfect person to begin a partnership with to become the ‘Heart & Soul of the Downtown’. The BH could certainly be a cornerstone effort in getting the right types of business to come to P’town & stay in P’town!!

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