Pottstown’s Hometown Holiday Charity Ball

By now many of you have seen the advertisements for Pottstown’s Hometown Holiday Celebration.  One component of this month-long celebration is a Christmas Costume Ball for charity.  The event will benefit PMMC’s pre-natal clinic.  The ball will be held at the Elk’s and there are only 225 tickets being offered for $40 per person or $70 per couple.

This all sounds wonderful and certainly donating to charity is always great.  The Borough of Pottstown made a $4000 donation to help defray the cost of entertainment.  An 11 piece band has been hired for the event.

The borough’s donation was made using money from Pottstown Area Rapid Transit’s promotions line item in their budget.  This was done at the discretion of the Borough Manager and did not go before council.  Councilor Rhoads asked about this at last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting as councilors were unaware of this donation when contacted before the meeting.

I am wondering how this donation promotes Pottstown Area Rapid Transit?  Do we expect to gain new riders for PART from those attending the ball?  Are there not better ways to have used this money to encourage people to “Take PART”?  A few well placed ads in the Mercury would have reached more people.  I suppose the other thing that puzzles me is why this money was not used toward the Pottstown 4th of July celebration that tens of thousands of area residents enjoy each year?  Would we not have gotten more “bang for our buck”, if we are trying to promote PART, at a huge event rather than a ball for 225 people?

If our goal was not necessarily to promote PART, but rather to give to charity, should this money have come from another source?  Hint: Tom Hylton likes to donate money.

$4000 is a blip on the transit budget for PART.  However, considering the fact the economy is trashed and we keep raising taxes and fees for services, should we not be better stewards of public funds? 

Public figures are just that, public figures.  People watch the decisions you make and follow your example.  Food for thought: Was this donation the best use of money from the transit budget?  You may want to consider that possibility if a similiar situation arises in the future.

2 comments on “Pottstown’s Hometown Holiday Charity Ball

  1. You know Roy, equally disappointing is the defense of this arbitrary decision by Mr. Bobst. Dan Weand, Steve Toroney. OK it was legal but to say it WASN’T taxpayers money is false. It came from the Fed’s and we pay federal taxes, (my great great grand babies will pay for this Ball), and they won’t even have a yellowed and cracked old photo of their Grans to prove it happened because I can’t afford to attend. There is a little “click” that gathers at Churchill’s and comes up with some very creative ideas, this was one of them, but not at taxpayers expense.

    Why did our fearless leaders refuse to answer the first RTK filed by Code Blue? Could there be a grain of a moral quandary about this decision? So far, doesn’t seem that way judging from the Mercury article, but if there ever is doubt about the way this was handled, I hope someone in our govt. has the guts to humble themselves and not be so defensive and start a trend of openess and honesty and communication.

    Mayor Heath, put your big girl panties on and act like our Mayor. Behave like a christian lady. Making reference to members of Code Blue as “haters” is so unnecessary, you would serve yourself well to make a public apology, and watch your tongue.

  2. Bravo Olive! Well said.

    I was going to include the “haters” comment but decided against it, opting to wait to see if anyone would bring it up.

    Again, as a public figure, people need to be responsible for their actions and guard their words. As the Mayor of Pottstown, Bonnie still represents ALL residents, whether they are a member of Code Blue or not.

    In a democracy, people are allowed to debate in the public forum. Just because we don’t agree with or like someone else’s point of view doesn’t give one license to demonize those who oppose us. Code Blue members care deeply about Pottstown. Whether you agree with their methods or not calling them “haters” is unjustified. Wanting an open and transparent government, that is accountable to residents, hardly makes one a “hater”.

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