Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Pennsylvania Turnpike Toll Ticket at Warrendal...

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This is JUST unbelievable.  In an effort to “save money” our illustrious PA Turnpike Commission has voted to not print toll prices on tickets.  So starting next month, you won’t have any idea how much the tolls are unless you have them memorized!

Say you get on the turnpike at Morgantown and get off at Breezewood… no where on your ticket will the price be printed.  And we are supposed to “trust” that what ever amount some tells us is due is correct?????  WTH!

PA Auditor General Jack Wagner said he is appalled and feels this is bad judgement.  We AGREE 100%!!!!!  I think this opens the door for abuse!

These losers at the Turnpike Commission are raising the prices 10% for cash customers and 3% for E-ZPass users.  So we are paying more and getting less!

3 comments on “Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

  1. I use the PA Turnpike at least 3 times a week for my 2nd part-time job.I like to have my money ready for the toll taker to help move things through.I refuse to get a EZ Pass because I believe the Government is tracking you on that devise.Anyway,I’d rather have a human to talk to at the end of the Turnpike trip.Let me run the PA turnpike,I’ll crack the whip on the road construction crews!!

  2. This will make the lines longer in the cash line since it will take longer for each transaction. Is this a way to squeeze out cash payment? People shouldn’t be penalized for electing to not use EZ Pass! That’s how I’m translating this…a push to get people on EZ Pass.

    Bad choice, guys!!

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