Pottstonians Turn Out In Large Numbers To Take Back Their Town

A large crowd gathered at Invictus Ministries this evening at 6:30 p.m.  The crowd was so large that the meeting was moved upstairs into the beautiful sanctuary.  The meeting started late because of the venue change.  I can report that Councilors Rhoads, Weand, Toroney, Kirkland, Gibson, Chomnuk were there.  I did not see Councilor Allen but the crowd was large and she may have been there.  Mayor Bonnie Heath, Borough Manager Jason Bobst, Chief Flanders and Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman were all in attendance.  I saw School Board Member Valerie Harris and Pottstown School Superintendent Dr. Reed Lindley as well.  Code Blue members were in attendance.

Channel 69 News from Allentown was present and interviewed a number of people.

Bishop Everett Debnam, Senior Pastor of Invictus Ministries, called the meeting to order and spoke a few inspiring words.  Unfortunately, I had to leave at that point!  If anyone was there and would like to tell more of the story, please leave a comment!  I would be personally interested in hearing how things went!

Here are a few pictures I was able to snap before rushing off.

3 comments on “Pottstonians Turn Out In Large Numbers To Take Back Their Town

  1. It was so cool to see so many residents at that meeting. The Police Chief, Flanders, kept calling Risa Ferman, “Madame DA” !!! So inappropriate. I would have whopped him upside the head with a copy of “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan.

    I don’t trust this man, he is smoke and mirrors and frankly, Risa behaved the same way. They didn’t listen to or involve the people in the plight of their own safety. Citizens wiil have to take things into their own hands, including accountability from our law enforcement, borough codes enforcement and Madame DA.

  2. Olive,

    Thanks for posting your honest reaction. Unfortunately, I have heard from a number of other people and none of them were satisfied with last night’s meeting. Basically they had the same reaction you did.

    If one reads the Mercury, we are in the middle of a drug war taking place on our streets for “turf”. Does this not merit an all hands on deck response from the county, the state or the federal government?

    We need more police officers to get the job done and rid ourselves of these drug dealers but Pottstown can’t afford it. We pay taxes to the county, the state and the federal government so one should expect a certain level of help and support from these larger institutions that our taxes also fund.

    Bottom line – things are not getting better, they are getting worse. Maybe we should mobilize the National Guard?

  3. Hey now there’s a thought. Let’s take the plight of Pottstown to our state representative and our congressman and senator, if we cannot get it straight with our local and county officials, we can go above them, and frankly if we are going to be responsible for our own safety, we should.

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