Huge Fire In West Pottsgrove Township

Fire companies from as far away as Reading are descending on Universal Concrete (formerly Doehler Jarvis) in Stowe where an industrial fire is refusing to cooperate with firefighters.  Access to water is a huge problem!  The fire is at a plastic recycling facility that occupies one of the building on the Universal Concrete site.  Workers have been evacuated while fireman try to get the blaze under control!

Two Shot In Norristown!

Two people were shot in the 1300 block of Arch Street in Norristown Sunday evening.  Four armed men committed the crime.

No word on the condition of the victims has been released.

Folks, we need to stop the senseless violence that is invading our county! 

Contact Norristown Police if you have any information concerning this matter at (610) 270-0977.

Lower Providence Township Wins 2010 Green Futures Achievement Award

Location of Lower Providence Township in Montg...

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Congrats to Lower Providence Township for winning a 2010 Green Futures Achievement Award from Montgomery County Green Futures and the Montgomery County Lands Trust for improvements made to Harry F. Hoy Memorial Park in Arcola.

Read the entire Times Herald article here:

Pennsylvania State Workers Have Bad Case Of The Jitters – Layoffs Loom Again

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Many state workers fear that Tom Corbett will keep his pledge to downsize the number of state employees by a 10% across the board cut as promised during his campaign.  Governor-elect Corbett wants to review the funding for each state program to make sure they are operating correctly. 

The Service Employees Union has prepared a list of nonpersonnel cost-saving suggestions that could save Pennsylvania millions of dollars.  The same union has a large number of employees that will qualify for retirement next year thereby eliminating workers by attrition instead of layoffs.

Pennsylvania has a huge pension crisis looming on the horizon along with other financial problems that are recession related.  Hard choices will need to be made to cover the multi-billion-dollar budget gap.  Early retirement incentives are being offered to state employees as a way to cut the state’s workforce.

Pennsylvania has the second largest state government while being the sixth largest state in population.  Many hard choices will need to be made to get Pennsylvania’s financial house in order.