Two Philadelphia Teens Arrested For Animal Torture

Just when you think people can’t sink to a lower level, something like this comes along!

Two Philadelphia teenagers, ages 15 and 16, evidently had nothing better to do than put a kitten in a microwave and throw it out a third-story window whilst capturing their “deed” on video using their cell phone.  Stupid is as stupid does.

Fortunately, the kitty survived the fall and is under observation before being released for adoption.  Neighbors called the police when they saw the microwave oven come flying out of the window.  Thank you concerned citizens!

The SPCA has the kitty and these upstanding young men are facing first-degree felony charges of willfully and maliciously torturing an animal.  Adults convicted of an animal-torture offense can get two years in prison!  GOOD!  Throw the damn book at them!  Or better yet a microwave!

One comment on “Two Philadelphia Teens Arrested For Animal Torture

  1. I am so sick of these teenagers torturing innocent animals!!They should be tried as adults and thrown into prison.I have 5 cats,4 of them were strays.They are the most lovable animals!There should be stricker laws for torturning animals.The law in my opinion does not go far enough.If we had stricker laws for this type of crime,then we wouldn’t see it as often.
    This is another reason I believe the draft for the military should be restated.These teenagers have too much time on their hands and are bored for some reason.I say draft these guys in the military and teach them to respect life.Every type of life!!
    Oh, and take away their cell phones!

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