Pottstown’s 2011 Budget

Not that we can jump for joy just yet, but it sounds like better days are ahead on Pottstown’s financial front.  Barring any unforseen hiccups, or any contract arbitrations that run awry, we could be looking at no tax increase for next year.

First, we should thank Jason Bobst, Borough Manager, Janice Lee, Finance Director and Councilor Weand and his Finance Committee for their hard work and financial stewardship.  Everyone is working hard trying to get Pottstown’s financial house in order.  This is a rather daunting task as things have not been property attended in the past thereby making this a herculean task for the above named people.

I ran into Councilor Weand at the polls yesterday and we had a nice conversation about finances.  

Accounting is boring and most of us don’t understand much about it.  It isn’t an exciting topic of conversation and most people end up in “deer in the headlights” mode if discussed for too long. 

Our financial practices as a borough were a hideous.  Dan and his committee are trying to shore up the foundation so our house doesn’t collapse.  This is also necessary if we want to get grants and funding for projects.  Nobody wants to throw money at an organization that can’t keep track of their books!

The work accomplished this year has been tedious and rather complicated.  However, we are starting to see results that you and I can appreciate and understand.  We have a handle on the check book, we can pay our bills, we are returning Pottstown to standard accounting practices that will make our finances transparent, understandable and make us eligible for grants and such as we have a paper trail aka back-up documentation to prove what we say.  You may have noticed that lenders usually don’t just take your word for stuff.  They want proof!  Same way with municipalities folks!

Bottom line – Because of all this behind-the-scenes work, we might not have to increase taxes and maybe we can get some free money to do some awesome projects to help Pottstown become all it can be!

Keep in mind that Rome, or Pottstown for that matter, wasn’t built in a day.  This is an ongoing process.  There is more progress to be made and no one is resting on their laurels.  Keep up the good work!  We look forward to more positive results.

3 comments on “Pottstown’s 2011 Budget

  1. KUDOS to the finance committee, Dan, Janice and Jason. This is big – really, really big.

    Now, if they can forestall limiting decisions like low-income senior housing by the riverfront, we may have a chance of creating a vision for the riverfront and providing new businesses with tax/financial incentives to help us make Magic on the river and in all of Pottstown. YIPPEE!!

  2. Thanks for this update, Roy. I had the sense that there is so much going on behind the scenes to get the accounting to where it should be. These details are not usually headline-making news, but they provide the foundation for a stable fiscal future. As you note, it builds outsiders’ confidence in the town’s capabilities, accountability and transparency. The elected officials and staff working on this are to be commended.


  3. Great post, Roy. The work necessary to clean up our financial mess is a monumental task. All involved should be more than commended for their hard work and due diligence. This was the single most important step to accomplish before we can start to right the ship. Without this step, there would be no moving forward. It’s amazing all of the other policy items that were still addressed while this was going on. It was a busy year for sure and sometimes we forget to thank Jason, Council and the staff for the positive and good things they’re doing.

    A 0% tax increase in this town, in these times? Can you imagine? That’s huge…

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