North Penn School District Refinances Bonds – Saves Megabucks!

North Penn taxpayers should be rejoicing today.  Their school district refinanced bonds from 2003.  By taking advantage of lower interest rates and competition from lenders, the district will save $1,067,000.00!  WOW!  This savings will be realized in the 2011 & 2012 fiscal years.

Kudos to North Penn officials for planning ahead and being thrifty with taxpayer money during a recession!

3 comments on “North Penn School District Refinances Bonds – Saves Megabucks!

  1. Thanks for posting this, Roy. In general, I hope that all municipalities’ finance officers are always keeping an eye on re-financing possibilities, especially in this climate of very low rates. It’s a tried-and-true way to save taxpayers’ dollars.


  2. PSD was doing this, too!

    As Sue said – it is a wise time to be considering this option to save the money of the good folks paying the bills! It’s simple, smart money managing!!

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