Best Bet For Tax Revenue: Mixed-Use Downtown Development

This is an article about mixed-use urban development that should be a must read for all Pottstown civic leaders and concerned residents about the direction our community needs to take.   Hit tip to Chris Huff for the referral!

5 comments on “Best Bet For Tax Revenue: Mixed-Use Downtown Development

  1. Informative and thought provoking. Our town leaders are looking for action, no more studies, (that’s how they justify the low-income senior housing), but this is a little gift of wisdom…if only they will read it.

  2. Really packed with info and impressive stats. I’m gonna print it out and send it over to Council..keeping fingers crossed it doesn’t end up in the shred pile with the ULI report!

  3. Glad you posted it, Roy. This article was distributed by Council President Toroney at last weeks Planning Commission meeting.

  4. You can lead a horse to water BUT if they don’t drink it serves no purpose. This is good information and I’m sure will be read by the Council – how they choose to proceed w/ this GREAT info will determine if the town continues to climb out of the hole.

    Listening to one another and information-sharing is a key component to continued success. No plan is perfect but more things will be addressed IF we come out and share concerns and information – it leads to a comprehensive solution (not one crafted by only a few people – “for thr good of the town”).

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