President Clinton To Attend Bethlehem Rally For Onorato

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Former President Bill Clinton will be campaigning in Bethlehem for Dan Onorato (D), candidate of governor of Pennsylvania, on Thursday of this week.  The rally will be held at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem.

In other political news, several major newspapers have endorsed Tom Corbett (R) and Dan Onorato (D).  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is endorsing Corbett while Onorato received the support of the Philadelphia Daily News, the Scranton Times-Tribune and the Easton Express-Times.

3 comments on “President Clinton To Attend Bethlehem Rally For Onorato

  1. I live in Allegheny County and I just want to let everyone who reads this blog to know,DO NOT vote for Dan Onorato.He will raise taxes!!He created a tax here in Allegheny on poured drinks in bars and restaurants.That money was supposed to go to public transportation.Guess what,it didn’t!He is just another tax and spend Demmie.And,that tax he “created”,put many bars and restaurants OUT OF BUSINESS!

  2. Thanks for your forthright answer Margaret and thanks for reading. I was born in Allegheny County and appreciate having some readers from Western Pennsylvania!

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