Former St. Peter’s Church South Street Vandalized

I read with great sadness that someone felt the need to break into the former St. Peter’s R.C. Church on South Street, vandalized the interior and tried to start a fire.  How low can you get, vandalizing a church!

I hope you are caught and punished to the fullest possible extent of the law!

Two thumbs down for this/these scumbag thug(s)! 

If you have any information, contact Detective Tom Leahan, Pottstown PD at 610-323-1212. 

Go get ’em Pottstown PD!

4 comments on “Former St. Peter’s Church South Street Vandalized

  1. Anybody know why this Church sits vacant?
    It’s a shame that there is not a good public meeting space in Pottstown an a church sits vacant and vulnerable to vandalism.

  2. Olive, in Evan’s article he stated that Blessed Theresa of Calcutta still owns the buildings but they are no longer in use.

    During one of the low-income riverfront senior housing Kool-Aid sessions, Jody as Jason about a property on South Street and Jason said it was sold. This was what I thought they were talking about, however, now I am further confused about what other property on South Street might have been available for this project. A point of clarification would be nice 🙂

  3. Sad, really – this church could provide so much potential back to that neighborhood that it sits, gets vandalized and has a seemingly unknown future. The people would like to know if it has been purchased and for what future purpose.

    When will people get a sense that vacancies without plans/purpose leave us all wondering what is to become of that site? My hope is that it gets back on the tax roll SOONER rather than later. I hope that whatever the repurposement is the transfer is made during the planning phase so that the Boro & SD get some revenue!!

    I agree – go get ’em PPD!! There are a few too many incidents that leave me wondering if there is a serial nature behind some of the recent unlawful activity…

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