One comment on “New Pottstown Mascot

  1. *hick* I spit it out. I was willing to give this council the benefit of the doubt, Jason too. But this is no different, there’s nothing new.

    I’ll live here because I really love my house, I love my great friends who also live in Pottstown. You’ll get my tax money as always but nothing more. I am grateful to be among the few remaining middle-class residents of Pottstown, and I don’t take that for granted.

    I thank my lucky stars that I am able to make choices about where I shop, eat out and spend my entertainment money and as of today, I’m not giving another penny to support the whiney-ass business owners that will not take a stand in their own best interest and ours. They drank the kool-aid and now have no back bones….such a shame. I am making my reservations for fun in Phoenixville.

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