No COLA For Social Security Recipients In 2011

For the second consecutive year, the Social Security trustees have determined that a cost-of-living adjustment for social security recipients is not necessary as the cost of living has not increase enough to warrant a raise.  An official announcement is expected on Friday when the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics announces their inflation estimates.

One comment on “No COLA For Social Security Recipients In 2011

  1. Let me get this straight,NO cost of living increase for people on FIXED incomes.I have seen the price of food go up.I see gasoline go up almost everyday.This will be the 2nd year in a row that people on Social Security will not see an increase in their incomes.I am not on Social Security,I do have parents and other family members that are.Let’s see members of congress take a pay cut and give that money to Social Security so that our seniors can afford to go buy food and the gas to get there.
    So much for HOPE and CHANGE!
    Don’t blame me,I voted for the AMERICAN!

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