Oyster Festival And More In York Sunday October 17th

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If you are looking for something fun to do Sunday afternoon, then York is the place to be.  The Annual Oyster Festival in York features family friendly fun, tons of food (not just oysters), live music & more.

The festival runs from 11 am to 4 pm at the Agricultural and Industrial Museum.  Click on the link below for all the details and other links about the festivities!


Chris Christie Campaigns For Tom Corbett

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Popular NJ governor Chris Christie was in Williamsport on Monday supporting Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett.

Christie said he supports Corbett so they can join forces and slash government spending on both sides of the Delaware River that is holding back jobs.  Corbett said “We’re going to create an economic climate where the private sector provides the jobs, not government.”  “We’re going to get out-of-the-way.”

Christie warned the audience not to become complacent about polling that shows Corbett solidly in the lead over Democratic challenger Dan Onorato.

Christie was in town for a GOP fundraiser for Corbett.

Lower Merion SD Loses Two Lawsuits – Costs Taxpayers $610,000

Who the heck did you people hire as a security consultant?!?

In a misguided effort to locate missing computers, Lower Merion SD illegally captured photographs and screen shots from student laptops.  Two students sued the district and the FBI was even involved!!!  Student Blake Robbins testified he was photographed 400 times and a two-week period, even asleep in his bedroom.  Can you say invasion of privacy!

Fortunately for Lower Merion, the FBI is not pursuing a criminal wiretap case against the district.

I would think a head or two would roll over this screw-up!

Former Scranton Police Chief Loses Job And Lawsuit For Insensitive Remarks

Some days you have to wonder how certain people attain the positions they have and what they are using for gray matter.

The former Scranton Police Chief has resigned after being suspended and ordered to take sensitivity training for calling two female police officers “overtime whores”.  Common sense would dictate using the word whore when referring to any female is a big old red button you should not push.  However, Chief David Elliot did not seem to have the wherewithal to think that phrase would be offensive.  Even the city’s police union was calling for this guys ouster! 

Now the City of Scranton has lost a lawsuit (that will cost money) and they are already under Act 47 for being financially distressed.  Hmmmm, that was a shrewd business move if ever I saw one.

Another lawsuit is pending against the Scranton Police Department from a female officer was discriminated against for gender and age.  She was called “granny” by her supervisor.  Again, do people not understand what can and cannot be said in the workplace???

Mr. Elliot is taking his formidable business acumen and entering the private sector.

No COLA For Social Security Recipients In 2011

For the second consecutive year, the Social Security trustees have determined that a cost-of-living adjustment for social security recipients is not necessary as the cost of living has not increase enough to warrant a raise.  An official announcement is expected on Friday when the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics announces their inflation estimates.

Code Blue To Hold Informational Protest At Pottstown City Hall Prior To Council Meeting

At 6 pm tonight, civic activist group Code Blue is holding an informational protest in front of City Hall, prior to this evening’s 7 pm council meeting.  Code Blue opposes the construction of low-income senior housing along the Schuylkill River at the former Lincoln underwear factory.  The group invites you to come out and learn why they are opposed to this plan.  If you care to join them to demonstrate your displeasure, feel free to stop by.

This is an critical meeting tonight with many important items on the agenda.  You owe it to yourself, as a resident of Pottstown, to come out and make sure your voice is heard.