Important Meeting Alert!!!!!

If you are sick and tired of the criminal element causing violence in Pottstown and would like to do something to make your voice heard, please read below and mark your calendar for this important meeting!

October 7th, 7:00 PM

Pottstown Diner – 99 W. King St. (corner of King and Rt.100) in the Banquet Room
Speaker:  Local Attorney, Adam Sager
Mercury Headlines:  

Shots Fired Monday in Pottstown, Two Homes Hit…

Pottstown Man Describes Shooting Home Intruder…

Pottstown Police Seek Info on Brutal Home Invasion…

Pottstown Drug Dealer Convicted of More Crimes…

We all know that this is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG

ENOUGH.  We deserve to feel safe, to keep our families safe and to enjoy our homes and neighborhoods without fear.
Homeowners, concerned investors, business owners and concerned renters WE CAN take back our neighborhood. Listen to Mr. Sager to find out how civil law can be used to hold criminals and slum property owners accountable for the violence in our neighborhoods.
DON’T MISS THIS.  If you can’t be there, be sure you send a neighbor on your block. NO, better yet…round up all the good neighbors on your block.  Spread the word and let all of your friends and neighbors know about this meeting.
Bring this Flyer with your name printed below and win one of two $25 Wal-Mart gift cards, in time to decorate for Halloween. A random drawing will be held at the end of the meeting.
A BIG THANK YOU to our Good Neighbor – The Pottstown Diner for providing us with meeting space and refreshments.  Many Thanks to Attorney Adam Sager for his time, knowledge. willingness and support.  Way to Go Neighbors!!

2 comments on “Important Meeting Alert!!!!!

  1. Last night, oh around 9:30 I was driving down Chestnut St. In the 500 block, (same block as the Police substation). There were people in the streets, people pouring out of houses, lanquishing on cars, sitting on stoops, yelling, little kids running amuck. Nine FRIGGIN Thirty at night! Where were our Police????

    Thanks for bringing this notice to your blog. It is important. It seems the time has passed to ask why our fair Borough takes no meaningful action on this very dangerous situation. Oh sure they have addressed a few ordinances but by the time they get around to enforcing them…there will be more shooting, more drug dealing and maybe the death or maming of an innocent. We are a small town with big city gangs. You would have thought that Mayor Heath or Cheif Flanders would issue a statement on the heels of this revelation…but not even a crumb of reassurance or a plan…yes A PLAN.

    Here’s a little primer, courtesy of the US Department of Justice. We have the power and we have the right to protect ourselves and WE CAN DO IT:

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