York City School Superintendent Fired Without Cause… Sound Familiar??

Sharon Miller, Superintendent of the York City School District was fired without cause at Wednesday night’s board meeting.

Six board members voted yes, while three other board members voted no.  The emotional meeting had threats of legal action and accusations of racism.  Miller is white, all the yes votes came from black school board members.  Her replacement is black, which further fueled accusations of racism. 

At YorkDispatch.com Laszlo posted:

“$300,000 to pay off a Superintendent who has had 2+ years of satisfactory evaluations, when just two months ago 44 positions were eliminated and 24 teachers laid off partly due to financial constraints and a desire not to raise taxes.”

Reminds me of the Myra Forrest debacle over at Owen J. Roberts SD a while back.  I think there needs to be more protection for school superintendents so these “You’re fired! We don’t like the color of your hair this week.” dismissals can be avoided.  People should not be randomly fired.

This move will cost the York City SD $270,000 plus a superintendent search when they had a perfectly good one.

For some facts about the district:


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