Welcome to Pottsamucil – The Home Of Low-Income Senior Housing

Top Ten Things Found In Pottsamucil – (I know, I stole this from Letterman)

10. Instead of sneakers hanging from the telephone wires…we have dentures 

9.   Prune juice in public water fountains

8.   Blue hair rinse and Metamucil gift packs with the borough seal on them available at Wal-Mart and other fine retailers

7.   Every day is Senior Citizen Discount Day in Pottsamucil

6.   Every store has motorized scooters available for senior patrons

5.   Handicapped parking spaces account for 50% of all borough parking spaces

4.   Lawrence Welk plays over the loudspeakers downtown for shoppers to enjoy

3.   Pottsamucil Aluminum Walker Club – Creakin’ For A Cause

2.   Seniors Ride on PART for .50 cents every day

1.   Instead of banners there are Depends hanging from the lamp posts on the Hanover Street Bridge welcoming you to Pottsamucil.

7 comments on “Welcome to Pottsamucil – The Home Of Low-Income Senior Housing

  1. There’s a new project for Bike Pottstown –
    FREE little yellow scooters for anyone over 75. “Scoot Pottsmucil”!!!! Genius Roy, simply genius…

    Scooter racks with paid advertisements for
    orthopedic shoes, compression stockings, heart valve replacement, pharmacuticals. That’ll beef up the coffers at Preservation Pottsmucil!!

    The drug dealers will take their show to the riverfront with a slight product shift, offering black maket viagra, (the hookers will follow). Could clean up the core neighborhood nicely, now THAT’S what I’m talking about.

    Pottsmucil will see a resurgence in industry and professional office space will be at a premium with Gerantologists, Opthamologists and Social Services Agencies for the Aged clamoring for space, especially on High St., (easy access).

    On a really good note, Tom Hylton won’t be planting trees at the low-income Senior Housing Project so the Pottsmucil Aluminum Club can hold their fund-raisers without fear, and we won’t see an upsurge of Orthopedic Surgeons in the area either.

    Lawrence Welk on the sound system? Are you kidding…well it could have a rather sedating effect on the criminally challenged, (and we all know that would be a good thing). Kinda hard to congure up the defiance to “shoot yer mama” when “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” blasting from the lamp posts.

    Look at the bright side, that’s all I’m asking.

  2. So does this mean we are about to have a HUGE demographic shift??? I just can’t help but wonder where ALL the rest of the vibrant, well-meaning citizens will go when it’s their time to be part of this group, for surely Potts-lax will be too full & the competition for blue back-in spots will be too great. Will Med-alert (however they spell it) be setting up shop on High?

    I wish I understood this vote better – it just doesn’t seem like the right timing or the right fit. Is there a better fit out there, sure – why invest here when this is the vision displayed about what we want the town to become???

    Staring right into the face of adversity I suggest we coordinate an annual ‘polar bear swim’ and see about hosting a ‘Golden Age Olympics’. Perhaps, when and if the Carousel gets done our newest residents could ‘bet on the ponies’ why don’t we see about getting a casino and then they won’t leave our town to spend their quarters…

    Roy, BEST Top 10 EVER!!!

  3. Could be a HUGE demographic shift. But according to our illustrious Mayor, the old folks in Pottsmucil are losing their homes, to ever higher taxes, at an alarming rate, and they’ve no where to go, (sniff). There’s a line in front of the existing low-income towers on High, (and we thought they were loitering street people, shame on us). Which leads me to ask where are these homeless old folks sleeping now? In the Mayor’s guest bedroom or on her living room floor?

    So what’s going to happen to their vacant houses when they move to the river? BLIGHT or slumlords with 25 tenants per unit, 10 of those renters are gonna be more school aged children.

  4. OMG!!!

    Has anyone considered the welfare of the town and/or homes that will be vacated by the people wowed by this new project and standing in line to get one of the coveted new digs??? So, according to some this helps some of the overburdened we currently have but what does it bring in on the back end of the equation…

    Olive has got it – while we take care of our own first, it brings a great deal of unknown to the existing homes. There are a great many ways this could go but so far (through my rose-colored glasses) I’m not getting ANY warm & fuzzies about this project or the ‘energy’ it will bring to town!

    While (on paper) this accounts for no further burden to the school system it seems to be a safe bet there might just be a growing burden once existing homes are sold to whomever (& who knows how many kids…). This might not seem like much to think about now, since not too many people are looking past the grandeur and dollar signs – but beware something that seems too good to be true!!!

  5. Right Steph, and since it is no surprise to anyone who lives in the core neighborhood, it is not on anybody’s list of priorities. A few ordinance changes here or there, maybe enforcement will follow, maybe not.

    But the “investment” community has this place at the top of their radar and we just keep seeing a stream of them buying up cheap property, slapping a new coat of paint here and there and turning over for Section 8.

    It’s just a bit too forward thinking to expect that our council has taken any of the reprocussions into consideration, it’s very hard to see clearly when those dollar signs are clouding your vision…not, I might add, so different from the investors in the hood.

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