Welcome to Pottsamucil – The Home Of Low-Income Senior Housing

Top Ten Things Found In Pottsamucil – (I know, I stole this from Letterman)

10. Instead of sneakers hanging from the telephone wires…we have dentures 

9.   Prune juice in public water fountains

8.   Blue hair rinse and Metamucil gift packs with the borough seal on them available at Wal-Mart and other fine retailers

7.   Every day is Senior Citizen Discount Day in Pottsamucil

6.   Every store has motorized scooters available for senior patrons

5.   Handicapped parking spaces account for 50% of all borough parking spaces

4.   Lawrence Welk plays over the loudspeakers downtown for shoppers to enjoy

3.   Pottsamucil Aluminum Walker Club – Creakin’ For A Cause

2.   Seniors Ride on PART for .50 cents every day

1.   Instead of banners there are Depends hanging from the lamp posts on the Hanover Street Bridge welcoming you to Pottsamucil.

Pottstown Borough Council Meeting – The Rest Of The Story

Here is the rest of the story from the Council meeting last night. 

The meeting was about 2 hours and 45 minutes long!  There was a TON of information covered.  I will try to summarize and be brief.

Jason gave his manager’s report. 

There is a grant for funding the runway expansion at the Pottstown Municipal Airport that will come from federal funding.  This is in the works.

Norfolk Southern is creating a bulk transfer station in Pottstown that will increase train and truck traffic in the area of the Pottstown Industrial Complex.  Norfolk Southern is open to working with Pottstown.

They are making progress on the slumlord overdue water bills.  Out of 235 delinquent accounts, 30 have paid and 205 will be getting certified mailings and eventually their water will be shut off at the properties in question.  GOOD!

There is legislation that will allow local law enforcement, other than the state police, to use radar for speed detection.  If this passes, Pottstown PD could run radar.

A steering committee will be created with representatives from the borough and the township regarding the Keystone Boulevard extension into West Pottsgrove Township.

At the conclusion of his report Jason stated he has just competed his first year as borough manager.  He reflected on his tenure and at the conclusion of his remarks he said Pottstown needs to unite and come together as a town to fulfill its potential.  He commented on the negativity the hangs over Pottstown and how this needs to be overcome.  We say AMEN to that!  You’re doing a great job Jason!!!

Comments from citizens present:

Rita Paez, Founder and Executive Director of Centro Cultural Latinos Unidos of Pottstown, spoke about the Latino organization here in Pottstown and requested that the borough work closely with them as Latinos are a growing segment of Pottstown’s population.

Karen Weil lives near the senior riverfront housing and she spoke in favor of it.  She went as far as to say many people who live in the area support the project.

Jeff Leflar (Code Blue) requested that Council approve the Shade Tree Ordinance despite pressure from you know who and he also requested that Council return a no vote on the senior riverfront housing..

Mrs. Ludy spoke about several subjects.  A bill she pays to the borough is consistently wrong and she can get no help in correcting it.  Mrs. Ludy also said she and her husband were out walking at 4 am and observed a yellow borough truck hauling away someone’s tree limbs.

Katy Jackson (Code Blue and CPR) requested that Council return a no vote on the senior riverfront housing project.

Mary-Beth Lydon (Code Blue) requested Council return a no vote on the senior riverfront housing project.

The owner of Evergreen Consignment shop praised Tom Hylton and requested that the Shade Tree Commission be kept intact.

Phil Thees requested that we continue to go after landlords who do not pay their water/sewer/trash bills and that we not consider selling the Pottstown Water Treatment Plant.  There are too many trees in the Potts burial ground and he also requested that Council return a no vote on the senior riverfront housing.

David Jackson (Code Blue) requested that Council return a no vote on the senior riverfront housing project.

A property owner from West Chester, who owns a building downtown, had several things on her mind.  She requested that windows be washed in store fronts downtown as it looks terrible.  She was against the senior riverfront housing and gangs of street people roaming downtown as they discourage shoppers/diners and people attending the TriPAC.

Senior riverfront housing “pitch man” Jeff Paxson clarified the income guidelines and vetting process for prospective residents.

I believe that was everyone.  Whew!

A few other interesting items were:

1.  The contract to pave streets in Pottstown was awarded to Joseph Sucher & Sons in the amount of $548,519.75.  Industrial Hwy is the first to be done – WOOT!  Motion passed.

2.  The pedestrian/bicycle promenade application to PCTI was FINALLY approved for $1,100,000.00.  Motion passed!

3.  We are getting PEMA money to pay for snow removal from the blizzards in February which will reimburse the borough for their expenditures.  Free money is good!

Meeting over!