The Continued Arrogance Of Tom Hylton

We were “treated” to yet another paid Mercury infomercial by Mr. Hylton today.  In the immortal words of Dr. Smith from Lost In Space “The pain. The pain.”

It must be so rewarding to sit atop Mt. Olympus (aka Chestnut Street) and look down your nose at us mere mortals (see smug smirk). 

If someone has a difference of opinion with Mr. Hylton, he writes an infomercial to publicly trivialize their perspective because HE (see god-like being) was a Mercury reporter and has lived in Pottstown longer.  Sorry Tom, everyone’s reality does not always match yours, thankfully.

Calling someone a “noisemaker” who is trying to improve the quality of life in Pottstown is rude.  This person does more than make noise!  She puts her money where her mouth is.

So get out of your treehouse, come down here with the rest of us and stop acting like some superior being.  You put your pants on one leg at a time like everyone else in this town. 

Get over yourself!

One comment on “The Continued Arrogance Of Tom Hylton

  1. That’s Right Mr. Hylton…you big bully, (see hands on hips), Your Smugness, rudeness is so unbecoming someone of your dignity, (choke), you stop that right now, (sticks out tounge, gloat). Thaank you big brother Roy…your the bomb, (hug).

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