Senior Housing Proposed For Pottstown Riverfront

Location of Pottstown in Montgomery County

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Evan Brandt wrote an article in today’s Mercury about a proposal from a developer to build senior housing along Industrial Highway at Evans Street.   

IMHO (and I always have one) there are certainly better things to build along the riverfront than senior housing.  Why are we not looking at places like Manayunk for inspiration???  

The reasons given for being excited about this proposal make no sense.  Seniors on fixed incomes are not going to help revitalize downtown Pottstown.  If that were the case Smith & Sydney Pollock Towers would have already made an impact as they are on High Street.  

If we want Pottstown to be a destination, then we need to think along the lines of Manayunk, not Sun City,_Arizona  

Great project, wrong location.  We oppose.  

You can read Evan’s article here:  

2 comments on “Senior Housing Proposed For Pottstown Riverfront

  1. Oh no kidding Roy.

    I was at the Committee of the Whole Meeting, and the thing that struck like lightening around this proposal was that this community needs to be looking for new candidates for our Council seats as they come available. Mark, (daaa), Gibson, Steve, (been there way too long), Toroney, and Whatshername Allen, (aka No Show).

    These are the councelors that took oh…all of 3 min. to decide they would support this project? Are they too lazy to look at alternatives, so they support the first idea that comes along? Or are they just too hooked on deprivation to step out of their “fear of never having enough” to recognize how we can use the river to attract abundance to Pottstown?

    These people have forgotten that it IS NOT their decision. They represent the people that elected them in their Wards and they have a tacit agreement to seek the input of their constituents, and represent their wishes. HAVE THEY NOT??

    Hit a nerve Roy. Thanks for listening.

  2. Olive, I certainly share your pain. It makes one wonder what goes through people’s heads.

    Glad you feel comfortable enough to say what you think. Yes, Councilors do have a tacit agreement to seek the input of their constituents and represenet their wishes.

    This plan does not benefit Pottstown in away way, shape or form.

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