Pottstown School Board News

I read in today’s Mercury that Dr. Lindley made some administrative changes which were presented to the School board Thursday night.

I find the vote on Linda Adams very interesting.  First of all she does a good job.  Secondly, she is getting more responsibilities added to her position so why would we vote against her getting a pay raise?  Of course, Mr. Hylton was a naysayer and perpetual BFF Nat White voted no, as expected.  I was glad to see Ms. Harris was not listed as a no vote 🙂

I am rather puzzled why Rick Huss voted no.  He was very much onboard hiring Dr. Lindley as Superintendent.  If we have faith in Dr. Lindley’s ability to lead PSD into the future, why are we not supporting his decisions??????

IMHO we should give Dr. Lindley some credit and support him until he proves otherwise.

One comment on “Pottstown School Board News

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