Gasoline Prices Expected To Drop After Labor Day

Like many gasoline stands in Japan, this Hiros...

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Some recession-buster news!  Gas prices are expected to drop between 10 and 15 cents a gallon after the end of summer holiday.  That is, barring any disasters or unforseen circumstances.  Oil prices are falling as consumers are staying closer to home this summer and not spending money fearing a relapse in the economy (smart move).

One comment on “Gasoline Prices Expected To Drop After Labor Day

  1. Yes and that will last for a few weeks until the refineries start switching some of their production capacity to refine heating oil. Then the price will shoot up again. If you believe the economic talking heads the less gas that folks use the demand goes down and so does the price but as you can see we are using less and less (more energy efficient vehicles and bad economy) and the price has continued to hover around $2.60. Speculative greed rules and screw the working folks!!

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