Fast Eddie Update

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell at the Broad ...

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Our illustrious and soon-to-be ex-governor, Ed Rendell, has announced that only 100 Commonwealth employees will be laid-off as a result of the “budget” passed by the state legislature which counted on money before it was allocated.  Always a bright move!

Fortunately, so many people retired that it cut the number of employees needing furloughed from 1,000 to 100.

Rendell is proposing more spending cuts and taxes to make up for the budget shortfall he and the legislature created by including federal stimulus money in the budget before it was approved on Capitol Hill.

Looking forward to January 1st!  We won’t miss ya Ed.

3 comments on “Fast Eddie Update

  1. I am sure that you would agree that we have a spending problem in this state, not a revenue problem. These corrupt politicians are drunk on spending other peoples money they need rehab (or their asses all get voted out). They should NEVER have accepted porkulus money. They should have just cut back on the spending. It’s that simple.

  2. Jeff, I 100% agree with you. We certainly do have a “spending problem” in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C.

    Voting these politicians out of office that spend money like there is no tomorrow is the cure.

    We need to live within our means.

  3. True, true…the PA taxpayers are not an ‘all-u-can eat buffet’. While the problems seem magnified to us we need to get others to understand it is only a matter of time until they ‘feel our pain’…

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