Pottstown School District Energy Audit Confuses Me

Maybe I am missing something here.  I could be having a senior moment.  Wasn’t the Pottstown Senior High School remodeled in 2001 along with the Middle School, which is why PSD owes over $30 million dollars?

Wouldn’t a remodel of that magnitude include new energy-saving equipment? 

If enrollment at the Senior High is so far under capacity are there ways to use less classroom space?  Maybe close down a wing?

I understand the elementary school situation but I don’t understand why the High School is so far behind the Middle School if they were renovated at the same time.


4 comments on “Pottstown School District Energy Audit Confuses Me

  1. You are right Roy, when we built those Taj Mahals we should made them more energy efficient. Perhaps energy efficiency has reached a new level in the past 10 years and this is a further racheting down of energy use. I think this plan is good for the HS and MS since the vendor guarantees a certain level of savings and if we don’t reach it they pay us the difference.

  2. I agree. I think this is a case of things evolving beyond what was ‘top of the line’ even 10 years ago.

    I would liken it to a PC – if you have a 10 year old computer nowadays you are woefully behind.

    I like the plan and the numbers seem pretty good to me – especially the company standing behind the research and work done in the form of cold hard cash for promised savings!!

  3. Jeff and Steph,

    Thanks for your thoughts. I suppose there have been advances in heating and cooling technologies in the last 10 years. Good PC analogy. I understand that, haha.

    Those numbers just shocked me for the Senior High being so far out of whack with the Middle School and having been renovated at the same time.

    I have confidence that we can get this issue under control and I know Robert Hartman and his Facilities Committee will make good decisions for PSD.

  4. I don’t believe there were any major rennovations done at the High School when the Middle School was remodled. The bulk of that cost did go to the MS which was almost entirely re-done. It is definitely a much grander, and more efficient, building now.

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