Shade Tree Commissioner Tom Hylton Gets A Root Awakening

It appears that Tom Hylton is about to get the rug pulled out from under him on his Shade Tree Commission.  As someone who has followed the monkey business of this kangaroo court and reported on the last several “meetings” I say it’s about time.

Mr. Hylton and his “tree policies” have done a disservice to the people of Pottstown long enough.  Sitting on a bank account of nearly $100,000.00 and crying poverty constantly is ridiculous.  His answer to everything has been we have no money, it’s your responsibility.

The condescending treatment of homeowners with serious tree problems may soon be at an end.  I have never seen taxpayers treated with such contempt by a group of people who are supposed to be in charge of something.  In this case, trees.

I think the budget can be adjusted to fund tree problems.  I believe I read somewhere that a very small 1/10 of a mill, or some figure around that amount would be sufficient to create a tree fund.

Hopefully, after Monday, Mr. Hylton will be no longer involved with anything tree related in Pottstown.

Next step, the school board!

Two thumbs up to Jason, Jody and the rest of the Council for taking the tree by the branches and doing right by all Pottstonians!

Trees are not more important than people and trees do not pay taxes!

8 comments on “Shade Tree Commissioner Tom Hylton Gets A Root Awakening

  1. The Boro can indeed by law levy a 1/10 of a mill tree tax. I believe (someone can correct me if I am wrong please) that amounts to $40,000. That is enough to maintain trees, but not enough to repair all the sidewalk damage. To the Boro’s credit they are pursuing a few avenues (tree lined of course) of ways to fix or assist the homeowner with the costs of repairs. What a mess that this arrogant person made with his tree scheme. His idea to help all Pottstonians is now hurting many people. Egads!

  2. Good, I didn’t imagine that, LOL!

    I am hoping that we look into becoming a Tree City USA as well. It is a “quality of life” item for residents and propective residents.

    The Arbor Foundation would certainly be a huge help with our tree program as a member city. It would cost us nothing. We need to create a fund to maintain the trees so that would take care of that 2% per capita criteria. Everything else we already have.

    Why not capitalize on something we already have!?!

    Lots and lots of TREES!

  3. Again, Roy, both great pieces on the trees!

    It is my hope that things get sorted out with little strife (my hope). I must remind people that the cry of poverty comes from the fact that the STC has no money or funding (to my knowledge) BUT the irony is the Chairman of the STC is in charge of the non-profit Trees Inc., which has made itself like the ATM card of all the ‘pet projects’ seen fit to ‘find’ funding for these past 8-10 years.

    Whether or not there has been ‘shady’ activity is a partially mute point (not that I think it should be dropped), this monopoly over all things associated with trees HAS to end. This whole situation has become overgrown and requires a BIG trim (if not a chain saw effort)!!

    The other thing I find completely vexing is the why this city hasn’t become a Tree City USA with all this planting?!?!? Ironic (again) that the ‘Lord of the Trees’ wasn’t working toward that goal all along?!?! This, to me, indicates some other less-than-genuine motive at play…


  4. Steph,

    I do so enjoy your witticisms 🙂 I think we are kindred spirits, LOL! “Lord of the Trees” LMAO! Is Michael Flatley available when the play hits Broadway, hee hee!

    Can’t wait for Monday night!!! I may have to make an appearance eventhough it’s past my bedtime.

  5. Thanks!!

    LMAO, right back at ya!!

    IF Mr. Flatley is available we’ll have to request he wear his best wool-blend kilt and matching hat for that starring role!! I wonder if he’d be able to incorperate a shovel in one of the dances???

    The image I have in my head is quite funny and a bit disturbing all at the same time!!

    Monday should be a hoot! I’m not sure if I can make it but I’m gonna try my darnedest to be there…

    Thanks for the big smile!!

  6. This is TREEmendous news!! It is time for Hylton to leaf our trees and our people in better hands now. There seem to be budding opportunities for Pottstown to become a Tree City. We’ve been pine-ing for this change for a long while.

    The sidewalks are no laughing matter, (yet they crack lots of residents up)! It is redundant to say, but the Borough has been barking up the wrong tree for so long that it will be a challenge to undo the damage caused. The seed has been planted and Monday night I hope we will see it blossom.

    My tree thanks you, Jody, and so do we, for your unfailing dedication. And Jason for his support.

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