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I was pleased to see a nice thank you letter in the Mercury today.  Courtney Sell was the recipient of a college scholarship from the now defunct Century Club of Pottstown.  It is gratifying to see young people who were taught to say please and thank you.  Courtney’s letter showed true appreciation.

The loss of service organizations are devastating to the communities they served.  Four less college scholarships will be awarded next year because the Century Club is now only a memory.   The loss of these scholarships could mean four less Pottstown students attend college next year or place a further burden on the student and their family to find other financial aid.


One comment on “Today’s Pottstown Mercury Readers View

  1. At the end of 11 th grade classes are chosen for the senior year. My Son chose an elective in art. After the first semester he requested to withdraw from this class….it was denied. My son felt the class didn’t help him grow and actually broke him down with his creativity as an artist. No longer scetching and resenting his gift he tried to explain his feeling and got nowhere. On the other hand all his other courses hes doing quite well in. After a meeting with the vice principal nothing was mentioned that he wouldn’t graduate. Tuesday of the week of the prom he was told he wasn’t eligible to go. Another meeting with the vice principal … I needed to understand. I was told that because he didn’t participate in art class he was being denied. Coming from a very dysfunctional childhood; he has missed so many opportunities in his life. He really wanted this. He quit cross country so he could earn money to go to the prom. A total of 500. He also has applied to colleges and had been accepted. He paid his down payment for that also. He puts his checks in savings because he knows financially it’s on him. I just feel the punishment for the crime is like a death sentence for him. I just pray schools change their policy. If not in time for him then at least for future students. Senior prom should be given as a right for not dropping out of school

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