Readers’ View In Today’s Mercury

I would like to say three cheers to Tom Carroll for his comments in today’s Mercury.

Tom hit the nail on the head folks.  The petty squabbling has GOT TO STOP.  If Pottstown expects to get grants and aid from state and federal agencies there must be a common vision that is supported by the majority of leaders in this community.  Until that time comes, we ain’t gettin’ squat!  Nobody is going to throw money at a community that can’t agree on anything and constantly fights among itself.

The cartoon was also SPOT ON today.  If Pottstown can’t embrace change and think outside the box, investors will go elsewhere.  More border development.  If we can’t work and play well with others, nobody is going to bother with Pottstown.  Unfortunately, Pottstown has a reputation as being difficult to deal with and not business friendly.  If I have heard that, you bet prospective investors have heard that as well. 

I am not pointing fingers at anyone or any group.  I am simply saying things need to change before we can move forward.  I think that is obvious.

2 comments on “Readers’ View In Today’s Mercury

  1. I thought Tom’s letter was great, too!

    I do understand his frustration when he called-out the lack of leadership representation from our town at the summit, but I also agree that it may have added fuel to the political, ego-based fire that has been burning in our town for far too long. It was a great gesture for him to make his regret public.

    I must also say that as long as there is no ego or personal agenda involved in someone calling those on the carpet who are missing the obvious mark, politically speaking – I’m absolutely “A OK” with it. I think our town is well beyond the point of pussy-footing around the serious topics and issues anymore.

    I do think Tom was right on target with his comments made the day of the summit – and I bet there are others who agree. Saying what needs to be said (especially on behalf of those who may not have a public platform to express it) also takes a person of constitution. I admire Tom equally as much for saying what he did that day to The Mercury, aka: smile, say cheese…your comments are being recorded on video as we speak and will be permanent fixtures on cyberspace…hope your not having a bad hair day – 😉 as I do his peace-offering placed in The Mercury.

    I find both his statement at the summit and his letter to the editor to both be the qualities of a true leader. Nice job, Tom!

    Power to the Pottstown People!

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