Growing Amish Community Heading West

The number of Amish is growing!  A recent study estimates the Amish population has increased 10% in the last two years.  It is believed there are 249,000 Amish in North America.  In 1992 there were 124,000.  Land in Lancaster County is hard to find and very expensive.  This has forced many Amish to look elsewhere for farmland.

The Midwest is attracting more and more Amish.  Farmland in Lancaster County can cost $15,000 an acre compared to $2,000 – $3,000 an acre in other parts of the county.  That being said, two-thirds of the Amish live in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.  Pennsylvania has the largest population.

Amish families tend to have 5 or more children which accounts for their swelling ranks.  Half of the Amish population is under 18 years old and 85% of young adults remain in the church.

South Dakota is the latest state to get an Amish settlement. 

Go West, young Amish.

15-Year-Old Commits Homicide In York

Children committing heinous crimes seems to be on the rise.  Every day I find these stories.

A 28-year-old University of Pittsburgh law student was gunned down outside a bar in downtown York, while on his cell phone Wednesday night  Apparently, it was a robbery gone bad.  The alleged teen killer was arrested Friday and charged as an adult with homicide, robbery and other offenses.  Police expect additional arrests in this case.

Where do minor children get guns and where are their parents???????