Pocono Raceway Goes Green – Installs Solar Grid

Pocono Raceway gets a big gold star for installing a 40,000 solar panel grid that will provide all the power for the racetrack and additional power for close 1,000 homes as well.  The $15,000,000.00 project was unveiled today and officials are hoping that the final link can be completed by Sunday’s NASCAR race.

The solar grid will eliminate the race tracks $250,000.00 annual estimated electric bill!  It is now the largest solar-powered sports facility in the world.  Pocono Raceway will also benefit from selling the excess power they generate as well as eliminating more than 3,104 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

And by the way, those solar panels were made right here in the USA!

570 Area Code To Get Overlay

Several years ago the northern portion of the 717 area code became 570.  As the supply of phone numbers nears depletion, more phone numbers are needed.  The new 570 area code overly will be 272 and will go into use sometime in 2011.  The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission voted 5-0 to make this change. 

Overlays are the least disruptive way to add phone numbers.  After a trial period, 570/272 area code users will have to start dialing 10 digits instead of 7.  This will require the reprogramming of speed dialers etc…

Ten digit dialing isn’t so bad.  You’ll get used to it.  We did!

York Mayor To Veto Removal Of Residency Requirement

On July 20th, the York City Council repealed the residency requirement for certain city employees.  There are pros and cons for residency requirements depending on how you look at the big picture.  At the July 20th meeting, City Council eliminated the residency requirement by a vote of 3-2. 

Mayor Karen Bracey had requested that the motion be tabled for further study and a survey of city residents be taken.  Her request was denied and the vote proceeded.

Now it appears Mayor Bracey will use her power of veto to stop the elimination of the residency requirement until a survey of city residents can be conducted.

Jersey Shore News

Snooki was arrested in Seaside Heights for disorderly conduct this afternoon.  Of course, the MTV cameras were there to capture the action!  Look for footage in an upcoming episode of Jersey Shore.  

Snooki was publically intoxicated (say it isn’t so) and was arrested by two officers…cuffs and all.  She was looking might disheveled and wearing a shirt that said SLUT as her sun glasses were sliding off her face.  The pictures are mighty unflattering!

I thought they were banned for life after filming Season 1?  Now they are back filming Season 3!

Can I get a fist pump, LOL!

You’re Invited To National Night Out

Date: August 3, 2010
Time: 5 PM until Dusk
Location 1: Chestnut/Washington Street Park, Pottstown

Location 2:  St. Paul’s United Church of Christ – Grace & Franklin Sts., Pottstown  6 – 8 pm

Event sponsored and organized by Genesis Housing Corp, Victory Christian Life Center and CPR.

National Night Out is an annual event designed to strengthen our communities by encouraging neighborhoods to engage in stronger relationships with each other and with their local law enforcement partners. The goal is to heighten crime-prevention awareness, build support and participation in local anti-crime programs, and most importantly, send a message that our neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbors even better. See you there.

For more information visit http://www.nationalnightout.org

Discount Grocer Expanding Into Southeastern Pennsylvania

A new grocery store chain is expanding into Pennsylvania.  Bottom Dollar Food, based in Salisbury, North Carolina operates 28 stores in North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia.  Bottom Dollar is as full-shop discount grocer and is affiliated with Food Lion.

According to their website:

“Customers will find Bottom Dollar Food unique because we carry national and private products, and offer outstanding quality in produce, meat and other products. We offer the best prices on groceries in the market and provide our customers a friendly, fun and lighthearted shopping experience.”

The website states that Pottstown has been identified as a location for one of the new stores in the Philadelphia Region.  1400 North Charlotte Street is the address listed for the new store (The Shoppes at Ringing Rocks – formerly Rickel’s Home Center and ShopRite).

The news release states stores will start opening this fall.  If all 21 projected stores do open, the chain will have almost doubled their number of stores.  Bottom Dollar Foods opened their first store in 2005 in High Point, North Carolina.

If you would like to see an actual flyer, click on the link below.  This is for the Gaithersburg MD store, 07/28/10 to 08/03/10:


More Disturbing News In Today’s Mercury

I read about another incident of road rage this morning.  What the hell is wrong with people?  If you are going to ride someone’s bumper, you run the risk of your car getting hit with anything the car in front of you kicks up.  Then you follow someone into a Wawa parking lot and threaten them with a baseball bat?  To make matters worse you say you have a gun! 

Fortunately, the perp was drunk and had impaired reflexes.  The victim was not hit. Getting whacked in the head with an aluminum baseball bat would leave a nasty mark!  Thankfully, the gun threat was made up.  When the State Police pulled this piece of work over, he got a DUI along with assault and whatever else they can throw at him.  GOOD!

Another upstanding citizen from Exton tried to murder a Phoenixville resident.  19 years old and you’re trying to whack people?  Are the Soprano’s casting again or what????? 

Yesterday, a story appeared about a 29 year-old pervert driving around Pottstown, buck-neeked in his Dad’s car, whilst kneading his noodle in front of little girls.  I think you are a.  Old enough to know better.   b.  Pretty creepy using your Dad’s car to commit a sex crime..  c. In need of some serious counseling.

What is this world coming to?  Makes my head hurt!