***Blog Changes***

First of all, many thanks to all my readers for taking the time to visit Roy’s Rants.  We are approaching the one year mark the end of August and that is pretty exciting.

Including this submission, there are 615 posts on this blog.  That translates to 31 pages of information.  It occurred to me that as the blog changes and develops (along with grows) it will become harder for readers to find older posts. 

If you are new to the blog, you may wish to go back to the beginning or you may be someone who has certain areas of interest and only want to read posts pertaining to specific subjects.

Another change that has occurred is that the blog is not primarily a Pottstown blog, but has branched out to cover events in many other parts of the state.  My readers from Lancaster, Scranton, Pittsburgh  etc… may only be interested in coverage of events for their region.  Trying to sift through 31 pages is rather daunting.  I know as I just did that to makes all these changes.

I have added and removed categories, which appear on the right side of the blog and at the bottom.  Many cities were added so that posts pertaining to those areas now fall under that category.  Example:  Harley Davidson posts will now be found under York. 

If you don’t see your city or town, check under Pennsylvania or the closest big city near you.  If you live in Lititz, see Lancaster.  If you live in Montgomery County, other than Pottstown, check Norristown/Montgomery County.

When the blog was initially created, categories were added because I suspected those would be things I would post about.  In some cases that did not occur.

I hope this makes your experience better and saves you time and frustration so that paging backwards is only an option if you want to do that.  I may have missed a few posts along the way due to the scope of this project but for the most part, 95%+ posts should be easier to find now.

Thanks for your support!

2 comments on “***Blog Changes***

  1. Roy,
    Funny you should mention older posts.
    I recalled reading something on your blog about a product that helped you clean mold and mildew out of your bathroom which, because it is older, has no fan.
    We have the same problem and I used the categories here to look up the post (it was in March).
    Wanted to tell you that you were right. It worked like a charm and my wife and I just wanted to thank you for sharing the information.

  2. Hi Evan,

    That comment makes spending 5 hours yesterday afternoon worth it! That was exactly what I wanted people to be able to do. Find stuff 🙂

    Glad it worked for you too. I was truly amazed at how quickly and thoroughly that stuff worked. I haven’t even had to use it again yet which is also quite amazing! Walls are still WHITE!

    Thanks for reading Evan. I enjoy your articles in the Mercury.



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