Pennsylvania State Worker Layoffs Still Looming On The Horizon

Looks like no state layoffs this week according to our illustrious governor Ed Rendell.  Governor Rendell had targeted 700 jobs to be furloughed last week but that number may be less due to attrition.  What a difference a week makes?

Why are layoffs looming on the horizon (you might ask yourself) after we approved a state budget on time, no less. It seems we counted some chickens yet to be hatched to the tune of $850,000,000.00 dollars.  Opps!  We bad.  We included this amount in the state budget for Medicaid assistance even though Congress has not approved the money at this juncture.

Don’t be surprised if this money is not forthcoming and then watch the ants scramble.

It’s time for a leadership change!

3 comments on “Pennsylvania State Worker Layoffs Still Looming On The Horizon

  1. In addition to a leadership change, we also need to stop spending and rein in our costs. Cut state spending 50%, reduce taxes 25%, and the state takes the other 25% and puts it in the bank for when the times are bad. But first, cut state spending by 50%.

  2. Not only spending. The Legislature needs to be scaled back too! A full HALF of those so-called representatives of the people of PA don’t need to be there, don’t do anything to help the Commonwealth, and create an unnecessary burden on the treasury bu sucking up money they never earn. Time for a change in leadership is SOOO right!!

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