BP CEO, Tony Hayward To Get The Boot

Like we didn’t see this coming.  For now, the information is unofficial but comes from inside the BP camp.  Expect something official Monday.

Geeze Louise, the idiot has been at a yacht race in England while things in the Gulf are still a mess.  Guess he is all proud of himself for getting the well plugged three months later.

Bye Tony.   Don’t let the door hit your patootie on the way out!

5 comments on “BP CEO, Tony Hayward To Get The Boot

  1. Song for B.P’s President
    Tony Hayward

    Living on Sponge Cake watching the Folks Bake all of the fowel are “””Covered in OIL..”””
    Booze in the Blender soon it will render a frozen concoction that helps me hold on!!!
    Wasting away in the United States again BP’s Oil’s won’t let me hang on..
    Another Tony

  2. Tony wanted his life back, so now he’ll get the opportunity. Let’s hope his life doesn’t interfer with any of ours ever again!

    • I just heard, on the radio this morning, that Pal Tony will be heading up an LLC I believe it is, or some holding of BP, for BP in Russia! I wonder if that would be in Siberia?!?

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