Massive Brownfield Reclamation Project In York City

The City of York is undertaking the largest economic development project in that city’s history.  The Northwest Triangle project will span 29 acres and cost $50 million dollars.  The project will be paid for by a $7 million dollar state grant, $12 million dollars in public funds and $14 million dollars in private funds.  Enterprise Homes will contribute $18 million dollars.

The project is varied and includes a residential component, commercial space and a charter school.  84,000 square feet of new and rehabilitated space will be available for professional, office, entertainment, restaurants, retail, townhouses and condominiums.  The project will create 300-500 jobs and add 250 new city residents.

The York Academy Regional Charter School is being created and will be part of this massive project.  The building is being renovated and will be completed in July 2011.  Phase one will be kindergarten through second grade.  Within five years the school will be K – 12.  York Academy Charter will be York’s fifth charter school and will feature an International Baccalaureate curriculum.

Enterprise Homes is the residential part of the project.  85 to 125 homes will be built based on a market study to be conducted.

Four existing buildings are part of the redevelopment project which will also include extending the York County Heritage Rail Trail through the city to the Northwest Triangle.  A streetscape project is also expected to be approved and will be paid for by an $890,980.00 federal grant.

To recap, we have a state grant and a federal grant being combined with money from public and private developers to reclaim 29 acres of blight!