CPR Leader’s Home Vandalized – Our Community Should Be Outraged!

A disgraceful and despicable act of cowardly vandalism took place in our community this weekend.  Community Activist and Citizens For Pottstown’s Revitalization leader Katy Jackson’s home was vandalized as a neighbor allegedly watched and did absolutely nothing.  A giant S was spray-painted on her door for starters but the damage did not stop there.

This type of retaliatory violence cannot be tolerated!  Our police department and borough council should be outraged.  No expense should be spared until those responsible are brought to justice. No citizen in this community should be allowed to be intimidated for speaking up at Borough Council meetings about the serious problems facing Pottstown i.e. slumlords and drug dealers for starters.

If Pottstown is to be revitalized, ALL 22,859 people who call this town home are accountable and responsible to do their part to make this a reality.  Otherwise, we might as well bomb it, plow it under, plant corn and call it a day.  If ALL the citizens of this community can not feel safe or be protected properly then we have a serious problem.  Regardless of what neighborhood someone lives in, they are paying taxes for police protection.  If that means authorizing additional patrols and resources being deployed in certain areas of Pottstown, then so be it.  I am not bashing our police department as I feel they normally do an excellent job but if they need more manpower etc… find a way to get it!

HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT TO ATTRACT MIDDLE CLASS TAXPAYERS AND EMPLOYERS TO POTTSTOWN IF THIS CRAP IS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?????  We already have a bad reputation and this just reinforces all the junk that is floating around out there like this being “little Philadelphia”.

All the forward momentum that is being made is for nothing if people are afraid to live and work here!  It is all about people’s perceptions and do not think for one moment that is not the case.

4 comments on “CPR Leader’s Home Vandalized – Our Community Should Be Outraged!

  1. OH SO RIGHT, Roy!!!

    Well, if we turn the town into field I guess no fertilizer needs for the first season – what w/ all the BS on the street, huh?

    On a more serious note…what a complete disgrace about the vandalism!! I am ashamed of the people that choose that route to have a voice. There are many analogies to draw to these tactics and many of them are unsuitable for comment so I’ll say this: to change a town means being heard and considered and if you can’t be that because you are doing something morally or legally wrong then you should change your tune or keep to yourself. People that try (whether you agree with them or not) to make positive changes will always ruffle feathers and if you stand in opposition speak and try to find common ground for it exists somewhere – the trick is to find it. Try digging deeper rather than lashing out…

    I hope action is taken and trust can be reestablished for Katy!!

    Perception is critical to survival and after this ‘event’ I think some damage control is MUCH needed!!!

  2. this is horrible. Me and my family went to help plant flowers with katy and cpr. She treated us good and we had fun she does alot of good things here. We want to know if this town cares? We had to rent an apartmtnt on walnut st. but it was filthy and stinky and we couldn’t stay. we heard shots and people screaming at each other we saw drug dealers sell drugs right in front of my kids. i am a black person and the black people there are not doing right and the land lords arent
    doing right. im glad they want to clean it up

  3. Our community needs to pull together and rally around Katy and David. The good people of Pottstown need to say enough already. We cannot allow our citizens to be threatened and intimidated. Power to the Pottstown people!!!!!

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