Christie Puts Property Tax Reform Into Place In New Jersey

Dear Ed Rendell,

I seem to remember property tax relief/reform being a priority during your 2002 campaign.  Geeze Ed, 8 years later….ummmm not seeing any relief yet.  Those of us in Pottstown certainly haven’t noticed any relief as taxes have skyrocketed!  What about all the gambling money that was going to “easy the burden” of the average Pennsylvania taxpayer?  Hmmmmm, we are not seeing any of that gambling money floating around Pottstown either, Ed.  Heck, the Keim Street bridge needs replaced before it falls into the Schuylkill River for starters.  Can ya send a few bucks our way??

So along comes New Jersey’s new governor Christie.  The guy just gets into office and hasn’t even broken in his chair yet and badabing-badaboom….a property tax relief bill is signed into law.  Just like Christie promised.  Imagine our surprise here in Pottstown, Ed.  Maybe you should give Governor Christie a call and ask for a few tax relief pointers before you leave office.  You still have a couple of months to get the ball rolling.  We would really appreciate your help in this matter.

Very Truly Yours, 

Overburdened Pottstown Taxpayers

Harrisburg Controller Riding To City’s Rescue?

Harrisburg Controller, Dan Miller has come up with a plan that will keep our capital city from going bankrupt trying to pay the $68 million dollar debt on the Authority’s incinerator.

Details are unavailable at this time, however, the plan will need cooperation from all parties.  Those parties being the City of Harrisburg, the Harrisburg Authority, Dauphin County and the note holders.  The plan will not require selling Ed’s mansion or raising taxes.

Let us hope that Dan as a rabbit in his hat!  Allowing Harrisburg to go bankrupt would be a huge black eye for Pennsylvania. 

Miller will hold a press conference on Wednesday at 10 am to announce the details of the plan.

We hope for the best possible outcome in this matter!