Pottstown Rumble Organizer Squashes Rumor About Event Leaving Pottstown

The Mercury did a good thing today by making sure the world knows those stupid rumors about the Pottstown Rumble leaving our fair city are untrue!  They are not going any where according to organizer Ken Kaas.

This is an awesome event for Pottstown.  If you have never attended, take a walk through Memorial Park this weekend and check it out.  Amazing athletes competing for $22,000.00 in prizes.  You can watch any of the matches by just standing on the sidelines and staying out-of-the-way.

Over 2,000 people have signed up!  These kind of events are exactly what Pottstown needs.  The people who come here really enjoy it, say good things about Pottstown (unlike some residents) and it brings money into town!  A win-win if ever I saw one!

Kudos to the Mercury for their positive promotion of The Rumble!

For more information:

Voice: 610-367-2279

Internet: http://www.pottstownrumble.com

Admission is FREE!

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