Pottstown Speaks With Forked Tongue

The powers that be in this town need to make up their collective mind exactly what direction we are heading and stick to the plan.  We keep promoting ourselves as “the place to be”, “up and coming”, business friendly, family friendly, home-owner friendly and I have even read several times about trying to start and art community here.

These are all wonderful things but do we really mean it?

Case in point…a young couple want to buy a property which has been vacant and for sale for ONE YEAR!  Vacant properties steadily decrease in value and are susceptible to vagrants and ne’er-do-wells.

This young couple wants to keep the property a single family dwelling but have a retail business on the first floor.  This requires a zoning variance because they should have 1500 square feet to qualify and the first floor is just shy of 1200 square feet.  The young man is a tattoo artist and also wants to use a small space in the house to do by appointment only tattooing.  They were flatly denied a variance so they are not interested in the property.  Evidently only 5 people have even looked at the property in question and this young couple are the only people who showed any interest.

Eventually, some slum lord will buy this property for below market value and turn it into Section 8 rentals.  Is that preferable?  Mark my words, that will happen and has happened over and over in this community.

This town needs to rebuild its tax base.  Home ownership and business will help Pottstown rebound.

Don’t say one thing and do another!

Huss vs Hylton. Smackdown At The School Board Meeting

A source, who attended last night’s Pottstown school board meeting, tells me that congratulations are again in order for Pottstown School Board President Rick Huss.  Evidently Mr. Huss gave Mr. Hylton a piece of his mind, once again.

Mr. Hylton tried to present a proposal to eliminate the modular classrooms but he did not go through the Facilities Committee.  Some people just don’t get it.  There are rules for school board member, like any another group.  Everyone, including Tom Hylton, is expected to follow protocols and procedures.  Otherwise, we descend into anarchy.  Circumventing the committee you report to, public grandstanding at meetings and those ridiculous “infomericals” in the Mercury are out-of-order!

Mr. Hylton evidently pulled a fast one at the last President’s Task Force meeting and requested to speak as a patron, going behind Rick’s back to do so.  Being a school board member trumps being John Q. Pottstonian.  As a school board member, Mr. Hylton should not have taken time away from the patrons to speak.  School board members are there to listen only. 

It is a shame that Mr. Hylton feels his mandate from voters is make a mockery of the Pottstown School Board.

Kudos to Mr. Huss!

10 demerits to Mr. Hylton!

I am still waiting for someone to make my motion or, at the very least, formally censure Mr. Hylton for constantly breaking the rules.