Pottstown 4th Of July Events – Food For Thought

After reading SavePottstown’s latest post on the 4th of July events and the difficulty raising money to fund these events, I feel moved to comment.

We support the 4th of July events here in Pottstown and have for over 25 years.  When my parents were still alive they enjoying coming here for the big weekend of fun.  However, SavePottstown makes some good points.  I see that their comments ruffled some feathers, including the 4th of July Committee.  Maybe we should all take a step back and look at this more objectively and from a distance.  Make it less personal.

SavePottstown is correct.  Another polka band or oldies group etc… is boring.  I am over 50 and listen to Wired 96.5, Q102.1 or 96.9 WLAN in Lancaster.  They all play a variety of current music.  Personally, I don’t want to listen to music from when I was in high school.  I graduated 35 years ago.  The world has moved on.  Not interested in being stuck in a time warp.  Consequently, younger people aren’t generally interested in listening to music from the 60’s. 70’s and 80’s either.

Polka music is not going to generally appeal to younger people or people who are of a different ethnic group.  Oldies are okay, but again, new music is always being written.  After attending last night’s PHS Baccalaureate Service, the music those kids are listening to is neither polka or oldies, based on the Power Point presentation a student created.  The music was very current.  I knew all the songs.

I do realize that the 4th of July Committee engages in fundraising and they outlined some of the ways they do that in a post on SavePottstown.  However, trying new things, expanding our horizons and thinking outside of the box is never a bad thing.  We’ve always done it that way before is something that is said too much around these parts.  Again, the world has changed and moved on.  Is it wrong to consider, in addition to what you are already doing, maybe adding some new fundraising strategies into the mix?

SavePottstown refers to themselves as:

A blog for progressive-minded individuals who want growth and success for the Borough of Pottstown, PA!

That being said, they are staying true to their mission statement and core principles.  I don’t think they are trying to offend people, just open some eyes to new ways of thinking and possibilities.

Our 4th of July Committee is awesome and provides a great service to Greater Pottstown with their efforts.  We support and applaud your efforts.  Incorporating some new ideas into the existing frame-work and listening to the pulse of the community can’t hurt either.

I respectfully request that we try to take what SavePottstown says as constructive criticism and not take it as a mean-spirited attack etc…   They mean well and only want the best for our community.  In the end, isn’t that what we all want?

4 comments on “Pottstown 4th Of July Events – Food For Thought

  1. So what you’re saying is that the 4th of July events are only for young people? I am older, too, like you, but I don’t care for Rap crap or GaGa Goo Goo junk. And I wouldn’t down anyone else who didn’t care for it. I don’t necessarily enjoy polka music either, but respect folks who do. What ever happened to embracing diversity? Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean someone else won’t. You also imply that older folks shouldn’t be reading or contributing to Save Pottstown blogs because we aren’t “progressive-minded”. You are generally very open and fair-minded on your blog. What happened here?

  2. I am not advocating getting Lady Gaga or a rapper to perform at the Pottstown 4th of July celebration. I am simply saying music with a little more broad appeal would be nice. Nothing more, nothing less.

    SavePottstown states they are a blog for progressive-minded people who want to move Pottstown forward. It says nothing about age and neither did I. You can be over 50 and progressive-minded.

  3. Roy, the committee had a great meeting last night, and wish to reiterate that we have been listening to what people want and have been instituting new ways of fundraising and have been soliciting corporate sponsors for years.

    This morning’s editorial was very nice. Traffic is up on the website and Facebook. We are indebted to The Mercury, and for all those who care about this event.

    Since the Teen Idol had to be canceled (all schools contacted- 2 contestants) we will have a Community Karaoke before the fireworks. Our DJ has a wide selection, so you’ll be sure to hear something you like, especially if you sing.

  4. Thanks for all you do and your hard work to make the 4th of July celebration in Pottstown very special! I am glad things are going well and that everyone is energized!

    The Mercury editorial was very nice!

    Visit the Pottstown 4th of July website often to keep up on the latest news!


    Don’t forget to donate 🙂

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