Tom Hylton…..Ad nauseam

Seriously Rick, you need to reign in Hylton.  It should be forbidden for a school board member to arbitrarily post their “editorials” and “plans”  in the Mercury, independent of the rest of the school board.  The board is a unit, Tom is a cog.  The board needs to make statements from the board as a whole. 

Y’all need to pass a rule that stops this nonsense.  I make a motion that forbids school board members from putting ads in the Mercury advertising their position on the issues!  Who will second it?!?

Read Tom’s latest antics here:

6 comments on “Tom Hylton…..Ad nauseam

  1. I’d like to add an ‘aye-men’ to that motion!!

    Incidentally, I’d like to be clear that my vote represents my view and my view, alone. This aye is not, in any way, respresentative of any group I might be affiliated with – I stand alone in my own opinion and my free will allows me to say aye without reservation or regret.

  2. Hopefully board members are getting some ideas from this *grin*. I would love to hear that this actually happened!

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