Vote For The Worst

This has to be the absolute worst website/blog in America.  Whoever is in charge of this train wreck has no musical taste/aptitude and their sole purpose is to ruin American Idol.  Nice goal –  WTH! 

Now that Casey James has left the building they are encouraging everyone to vote for Lee because, in their opinion, he can’t sing and has no personality.  One has to wonder what musical training these people have.  Obviously, not much.  They don’t particularly like Crystal either, but she is not as bad as Lee in their opinion.

If you are going to critique something, you should have some ability in that area.  Obviously, these people are on the Randy Jackson “that was pitchy” train and can’t get off.  I don’t think Randy knows what pitchy really means and neither does Vote For The Worst. 

I think they are just looking for something nasty to say.  If you can’t say anything nice, shut the hell up already!

What Companies Are The Worst And The Best For Customer Service?

According to an MSN Money-Zogby International customer service survey, these companies made their 2010 Wall of Shame:

1. AOL

2. Bank of America

3. Comcast

4. Sprint Nextel

5. Capital One

6. Dish Network

7. Time Warner Cable

8. Wells Fargo

9. Citibank

10. HSBC

Interesting that this list consists primarily of banks/credit card companies and cable tv/phone/internet service providers…hmmmm.

2010 Wall of Fame recipients are:

1. Amazon

2. Trader Joe’s

3. Netflix

4. Apple

5. FedEx

6. Publix

7. Southwest Airlines

8. UPS

9. Nordstrom

10. Marriott

Interesting who did and didn’t make the top 10 here.  I was surprised I didn’t see Target or Kohl’s for starters.

To view the complete list of all 150 companies and their scores, click on the link below and scroll about half way down the page to find the list:

Lee DeWyze Has His Moment On American Idol Last Night

Last night was all Lee!  The judges all agreed Lee won the first round and Simon went so far as to say he crushed the competition.  After the second round, where contestants sang the judges choice for them, Lee proved he is “in it to win it” as Randy Jackson is so fond of saying.  Lee’s version of “Hallelujah” was awesome.  Simon hand-picked this song for Lee and I believe based on Simon’s reaction, Lee exceeded Simon’s expectations for him.

Crystal did well as always but she didn’t have a WOW moment like Lee did.  Casey James continued to prove he is out of his league and doesn’t belong there.  Vote For The Worst is right.  He is the worst and should have gone home several weeks ago!

Based on the audience and judge’s reactions last night, Lee DeWyze is the front-runner going in the next week’s finale.  If the finale doesn’t include Lee and Crystal then something is beyond wrong.  Simon is clearly on team Lee.

Pennsylvania Primary: Sestak Denies Specter A Chance At Reelection

Who said this election wasn’t important?  Arlene Specter’s career has taken a giant nose-dive after losing his bid to be the Democratic candidate for the US Senate to relative newcomer Joe Sestak.  Specter was soundly defeated 54% to 46%.  Specter was seeking his 6th term in the US Senate.  Sestak (D) will face Pat Toomey (R) in November.  Toomey received the highest number of votes on either side of the aisle.  666,870 vs. Sestak’s 564,169.

This loss sends a message to the White House.  Obama endorsed Specter and was unable to persuade Sestak to bow out.  Look for more sweeping changes in November folks.

The other very important race was for governor.  Rendell’s term is ending and his replacement will be either be Dan Onorato (D), Allegheny County Executive or Tom Corbett (R), PA Attorney General.  Both candidates held large leads over their challengers.  Corbett received the largest overall number of votes of any candidate, including Onorato.  Corbett garnered 584,606 votes and Onorato received 459,530.  Local candidate Joe Hoeffel (D), Montgomery County Commissioner received the least number of votes of the Democratic candidates with 129,379 votes.

Phoenixville Hires New Superintendent For Enormous Salary!

I could not believe my eyes when I read that Phoenixville hired a new Superintendent of Schools for $205,000.00 dollars a year with a 5 year contract!  That is a boat-load of money.  $41,000.00 more than David Krem is getting for going to Wyomissing!  WOW!  Where does Phoenixville get that kind of money????

Does that seem outrageous to anyone else?

Vote For The Worst Saves Casey James Again!

BOO HISS! Michael Lynche went home tonight and Casey James survived another elimination.  However, after this week, his luck runs out.  I will be shocked beyond words if he beats out Crystal or Lee next week.

Great performances tonight.  Good advice for the contestants.  Chris Daughtry is living proof you don’t have to win Idol to make it big!

32 More Scumbags Off The Streets!

Major kudos to the Pottstown Police Department, the Montgomery County Drug Task Force and John Q. Public for arresting more drugs dealers and getting them off the streets of Pottstown!!!

Maybe this will send a message… We don’t want drug dealers in Pottstown and we won’t stop until you are all gone!

Kudos to the Mercury for putting their names and pictures on the front page for all the world to see this wall of shame!

Pennsylvania’s Primary Elections – Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Specter-Sestak battle has become a nail-biter.  However, Specter is a more well-known commodity and that could push Specter over the edge in Tuesday’s primary if turn-out is high.  Pat Toomey, the Republican contender has a slight lead over both Specter and Sestak.

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato is leading the Democratic hopefuls for governor with 27%  The rest trail miserably with less than 5%.  That includes Joe Hoeffel, Montgomery County Commissioner.

Tom Corbett is the leading Republican contender for governor with a commanding lead over challenger Sam Rohrer.

45% of Pennsylvanian’s support (in varying degrees) the Tea Party Movement.  

55% of Pennsylvanian’s think our state is headed in the wrong direction! 

Rendell’s popularity is 41% favorable, 47% unfavorable. 

Eight in ten Pennsylvanian’s support the legalization of marijuana.  

50% support the privatization of the state liquor store system, while 37% are opposed to the change.

69% support the continued practice of electing judges rather than appointing them!

Results are based on a poll conducted by Franklin &  Marshall College and the Daily News.

A large percentage of voters are still undecided how they are voting.  There are many key races and items for consideration.  Get out and vote!

Pottstown School District Superintendent Search

I must agree with the sentiments expressed in today’s Mercury by Pastor Vernon Ross of Bethel A.M.E. Church.  What is the big hurry to hire someone?  The same idea behind the President’s Task Force should be applied to the superintendent search.  This decision affects over 3,000 children in our community!  We need community input!

The three internal candidates are all very qualified people and should be extended every consideration.  However, we owe it to ourselves to find the best qualified person to move PSD forward.  Should we not exhaust a few resources to do so? 

We should open the posting for this position to the outside world!  We are limiting ourselves, as usual, by only looking inward.  There are people on the outside who have an interest but are unable to apply.

Hiring an interim superintendent seems to be a giant waste of money.  We have two Assistant Superintendents already.  They should be able to hold the wheel during the selection process.  The salaries are almost identical. 

I implore the School Board not to make any hasty decisions on hiring the person who will replace Mr. Krem.  We need to look further than our own backyard to ensure we select the most qualified individual.  I am not saying that person may not already be here.  But it is worth taking some extra time (school’s out for the summer) to explore all of our options.

Upcoming Pottstown Borough Events

BMX National Race – Trilogy Park.  May 28-30 Memorial Park, Pottstown


PASSIONFEST – Trilogy Park.  May 29, Memorial Park, Pottstown


Memorial Day Parade, Monday May 31, 2010, 10:00 a.m. starting at Good Will Fire Company, High street to Manatawny Street to Memorial Park – by Pottstown Joint Veterans Council.


RAGTIME – June 3 – 20, 2010  Tri-County Performing Arts Center, Pottstown

Thursday – 7:30 pm
Friday – 8:00 pm
Saturday – 8:00 pm
Sunday – 3:00 pm
ADULT: Thurs $19; Fri, Sat & Sun $23
STUDENT/SENIOR(65+): Thurs $17; Fri, Sat, Sun $21
CHILD (12 & under): Thurs $13; Fri, Sat & Sun $15
$2 off per ticket for groups of 10 or more!


Pottstown Rumble Volleyball Tournament

Saturday and Sunday June 26 , 27

The tournament begins at 8 am in Pottstown Memorial Park.  Last year over 1200 players took part in the tournament.  This event is open to the public and you can walk though the park and watch the matches.  It’s a fun way to spend some time.


Pottstown’s 4th of July Homecoming Celebration now has it’s own website. The site is updated daily so bookmark it and check frequently. They supply an RSS feed so you can have updates sent directly to your email :

Open Forum Meetings With The Borough Manager

The Borough Manager, Jason Bobst, is conducting open forum meetings for all seven Pottstown wards. The purpose of the meetings is to provide the residents information of events and accomplishments throughout the Borough and to allow residents to express their concerns in an informal setting.  Upcoming Ward meetings are tentatively scheduled as follows:

Wards 7 & 1 – May 13th, 7:00 p.m. –Church of the Nazarene, 1045 Beech Street
Wards 2 & 3 – June 10th, 7:00 p.m. – First Church of the Brethren
Wards 4 & 5 – July 8th, 7:00 p.m. – North End Fire Company, 301 Prospect Street
Wards 6 & 7 – August 12th, 7:00 p.m. – TBA
Wards 1 & 2 – September 9th – YWCA, 315 King Street
Wards 3 & 4 – October 14th – First Church of the Brethren
Wards 5, 6 & 7 – December 9th – TBA

Check Out This Road Rage Story

Locator Map of Weiser State Forest, Pennsylvan...

Image via Wikipedia

This problem appears to be on the way to becoming an epidemic….

Some clown from Dauphin County was driving his ATV on the road while in the Weiser State Forest.  The forest ranger, Nicola Zulli, tried to stop this bozo from driving his ATV on the road.  His response was to accelerate and hit the ranger, breaking her leg.  Then our hero leaves the scene of the accident with the ranger lying in the road with a broken leg.  WTH is wrong with people?????????????????

Police found Mr. Michael Matter, III at a Jackson Twp. residence and took him into custody.  This smacked ass is in the Dauphin County jail because he could not post the necessary $250,000 bail.  He confessed to hitting Ranger Zulli and is charged with a laundry list of crimes. 

Go to jail.  Go directly to jail.  Don’t pass Go!


Weird News From Pittsburgh

Here’s a story you don’t hear every day.  An SUV was driven out of a parking garage in downtown Pittsburgh and fell 6 stories, which is the equivalent of 70 feet.  The SUV landed upside down.  Two people were injured.  The driver lost control of the vehicle, hit a parked car and some how fell backwards out of the garage into an alley below.

More Road Rage!

Seriously people, this crap has to stop.  Why the hell are people driving around carrying guns and shooting or waving them at other drivers?  Then, when you get caught hiding at home by the police, they find a machete as well as a gun!!!  Good Lord!  Are you trying out for Rambo 10?

These people need locked up yesterday!  No second chances!  No I’m misunderstood!  You are a menace to society and should be immediately taken off the streets!  Do not pass go.  Go directly to jail!

Now he’s out on bail!!!

More Drug Dealers Off The Streets

Congratulations to the Pottstown Police Department and the Montgomery County Drug Task Force for getting at least a dozen drug dealing scum-bags off our streets!

I like Chief Flanders “spring cleaning” comment in reference to the recent arrests!  Sounds like more are to come and we applaud the efforts of our local and county law enforcement professionals in making our fair city safe for the law-abiding residents.

Keep up the good work!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention.  Your car and property can be seized and turned over to the District Attorney if it is used in conjunction with drug sales!  WOOHOO!!!  Hit ’em where they live!