Vote For The Worst

This has to be the absolute worst website/blog in America.  Whoever is in charge of this train wreck has no musical taste/aptitude and their sole purpose is to ruin American Idol.  Nice goal –  WTH! 

Now that Casey James has left the building they are encouraging everyone to vote for Lee because, in their opinion, he can’t sing and has no personality.  One has to wonder what musical training these people have.  Obviously, not much.  They don’t particularly like Crystal either, but she is not as bad as Lee in their opinion.

If you are going to critique something, you should have some ability in that area.  Obviously, these people are on the Randy Jackson “that was pitchy” train and can’t get off.  I don’t think Randy knows what pitchy really means and neither does Vote For The Worst. 

I think they are just looking for something nasty to say.  If you can’t say anything nice, shut the hell up already!

2 comments on “Vote For The Worst

  1. Roy, the idiots that run that sorry excuse for a blog are no more than empty vessels, creatures who have no talent themselves, so they lash out at others who have the abilities they can only dream of. This is a site headed, in part, by Howard Stern, who the brilliant people at Idol wanted to serve as judge. Go figure.

  2. WOW, I didn’t know Howard Stern was involved but now that you say that, it certainly has his MO written all over it. Thanks for the info! It’s a shame that some people have nothing better to do than tear down others.

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