Phoenixville Hires New Superintendent For Enormous Salary!

I could not believe my eyes when I read that Phoenixville hired a new Superintendent of Schools for $205,000.00 dollars a year with a 5 year contract!  That is a boat-load of money.  $41,000.00 more than David Krem is getting for going to Wyomissing!  WOW!  Where does Phoenixville get that kind of money????

Does that seem outrageous to anyone else?

3 comments on “Phoenixville Hires New Superintendent For Enormous Salary!

  1. Yep, that’s outrageous alright.

    The going rate for a Superintendent is SUPER high, for sure. This is another reason why Pottstown shouldn’t look outside the district for their next Superintendent, especially since they they have multiple SUPER qualified individuals at hand.

    Add an interim “Super” salary + SUPER expensive Superintendent search + an outrageously high “Super” salary (when one is found and agreed upon) and that = SUPER OUT OF THE POTTSTOWN TAXPAYER’S BUDGET!

    We need to hold our elected citizens responsible for the government that they are overseeing on OUR behalf and remind them to stop all of the grandstanding whenever they don’t get their own way. It does get old and, in this case, potentially expensive, too!

    Power to the Pottstown People!

  2. Remember when the salary for the US Pres. was $200,000?

    I do.

    When did the cost of living go up so much? The Pres. now makes $400,000? Must be good to be ‘the King’?!?!

    I think the paid professionals deserve what they get BUT I sure would love to have more, too!!

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