Vote For The Worst Saves Casey James Again!

BOO HISS! Michael Lynche went home tonight and Casey James survived another elimination.  However, after this week, his luck runs out.  I will be shocked beyond words if he beats out Crystal or Lee next week.

Great performances tonight.  Good advice for the contestants.  Chris Daughtry is living proof you don’t have to win Idol to make it big!

32 More Scumbags Off The Streets!

Major kudos to the Pottstown Police Department, the Montgomery County Drug Task Force and John Q. Public for arresting more drugs dealers and getting them off the streets of Pottstown!!!

Maybe this will send a message… We don’t want drug dealers in Pottstown and we won’t stop until you are all gone!

Kudos to the Mercury for putting their names and pictures on the front page for all the world to see this wall of shame!

Pennsylvania’s Primary Elections – Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Specter-Sestak battle has become a nail-biter.  However, Specter is a more well-known commodity and that could push Specter over the edge in Tuesday’s primary if turn-out is high.  Pat Toomey, the Republican contender has a slight lead over both Specter and Sestak.

Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato is leading the Democratic hopefuls for governor with 27%  The rest trail miserably with less than 5%.  That includes Joe Hoeffel, Montgomery County Commissioner.

Tom Corbett is the leading Republican contender for governor with a commanding lead over challenger Sam Rohrer.

45% of Pennsylvanian’s support (in varying degrees) the Tea Party Movement.  

55% of Pennsylvanian’s think our state is headed in the wrong direction! 

Rendell’s popularity is 41% favorable, 47% unfavorable. 

Eight in ten Pennsylvanian’s support the legalization of marijuana.  

50% support the privatization of the state liquor store system, while 37% are opposed to the change.

69% support the continued practice of electing judges rather than appointing them!

Results are based on a poll conducted by Franklin &  Marshall College and the Daily News.

A large percentage of voters are still undecided how they are voting.  There are many key races and items for consideration.  Get out and vote!