Pottstown School District Superintendent Search

I must agree with the sentiments expressed in today’s Mercury by Pastor Vernon Ross of Bethel A.M.E. Church.  What is the big hurry to hire someone?  The same idea behind the President’s Task Force should be applied to the superintendent search.  This decision affects over 3,000 children in our community!  We need community input!

The three internal candidates are all very qualified people and should be extended every consideration.  However, we owe it to ourselves to find the best qualified person to move PSD forward.  Should we not exhaust a few resources to do so? 

We should open the posting for this position to the outside world!  We are limiting ourselves, as usual, by only looking inward.  There are people on the outside who have an interest but are unable to apply.

Hiring an interim superintendent seems to be a giant waste of money.  We have two Assistant Superintendents already.  They should be able to hold the wheel during the selection process.  The salaries are almost identical. 

I implore the School Board not to make any hasty decisions on hiring the person who will replace Mr. Krem.  We need to look further than our own backyard to ensure we select the most qualified individual.  I am not saying that person may not already be here.  But it is worth taking some extra time (school’s out for the summer) to explore all of our options.

3 comments on “Pottstown School District Superintendent Search

  1. Roy, I think I am going to disagree with you on this one. Why spend thousands on a nationwide search when you have 2 highly qualified terrific candidates right in house and one Elementary School principal in training? We can barely support the budget as it is. School District people are losing their jobs. We are up against a teachers contract. Now is not the time for the ship to leave port without a captain at the helm while we sail around the country spending cold hard cash on a search.

  2. I would be happy if they put an ad in the Inquirer and see who applies. Just sayin’ it doesn’t hurt to look around a little. I don’t think we should spend a year and thousands of dollars looking etc… I am concerned about rushing into anything, that’s all.

  3. Public input is most critical when considering the selection of the highest ranking official in any school district. I can not imagine why any district with an approximate $50million dollar budget who wants the public through taxes to fund at least $30million don’t desire or welcome the public input. I understand the budget constraints but if we don’t make the right decision, it could cost the district even more trying to correct a situation that could have been avoided. I personally was not asking the district to spend any money but soley to obtain public input so we could not only assess who might be best to move the district forward but also provide an opportunity for the public to begin to build a relationship with the possible new superintendent. It should be self-explanatory for all involved that the relationship that one has today in the district will not be the relationship that same person will have once selected as superintendent. My only hope is that God Almighty will intervene into the Pottstown School District situation and cause His face to shine upon all parties and lead the district down the path that is most appropriate for the children of Pottstown.

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