More Road Rage!

Seriously people, this crap has to stop.  Why the hell are people driving around carrying guns and shooting or waving them at other drivers?  Then, when you get caught hiding at home by the police, they find a machete as well as a gun!!!  Good Lord!  Are you trying out for Rambo 10?

These people need locked up yesterday!  No second chances!  No I’m misunderstood!  You are a menace to society and should be immediately taken off the streets!  Do not pass go.  Go directly to jail!

Now he’s out on bail!!!

More Drug Dealers Off The Streets

Congratulations to the Pottstown Police Department and the Montgomery County Drug Task Force for getting at least a dozen drug dealing scum-bags off our streets!

I like Chief Flanders “spring cleaning” comment in reference to the recent arrests!  Sounds like more are to come and we applaud the efforts of our local and county law enforcement professionals in making our fair city safe for the law-abiding residents.

Keep up the good work!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention.  Your car and property can be seized and turned over to the District Attorney if it is used in conjunction with drug sales!  WOOHOO!!!  Hit ’em where they live!