Aaron Kelly Goes Home, Unfortunately

Vote For The Worst messed things up again.  Casey James should have gone home as he clearly disappointed last night.  The judges said so as well.  So along comes Vote For The Worst and gets Casey enough votes to stay in the competition and Aaron Kelly goes home.  Very unfortunate indeed!

Casey James New Vote For The Worst

After last night’s performances, Casey James has become the Vote for the Worst poster child du jour.  They gave him a F.  WOW, really??  Kinda harsh but whatever.

I thought the judges comments were off the wall last night and was left scratching my head wondering what exactly they wanted.

Looking forward to seeing what America thought, and of course a performance by Lady Gaga.  She was reportedly paid a quarter of a million dollars for tonight’s appearance on American idol.

Berks County Faces 10 Year Backlog Of Maintenance Projects

Some cheery news from Berks County this morning involving the economy.  Berks County does not have the financial resources to make the necessary repairs on roads and bridges etc… due to a lack of funds.  They need money from the state but we all know that Pennsylvania has a $1 billion dollar shortfall of revenue, year to date.  The recent defeat to make Interstate 80 a toll road has dashed hopes for funding.

I think we are taxed enough.  The part of Pennsylvania Interstate 80 runs through is already economically depressed so adding a further burden on those folks to pay for Berks County highways is not the answer.

Berks County has 107 structurally deficient bridges and 402 miles of roadway that need repaired.  At current funding levels these projects will take 10 years to complete.

Suggestions range from fees for video lottery to public-private partnerships to raise the needed money.

BP Narrows Oil Leaks From Three To Two

First of all, I didn’t realize there was more than one leak!  The biggest oil leak is still gushing!  The plan is to lower a 4 story containment dome over the worst leak and then hopefully concentrate on the last one.  The dome will allow the oil to be funneled up to a rig on the surface.

Meanwhile, the weather is finally cooperating!  Other methods of containment include a controlled burn of oil on the surface, skimmers, barriers and floating devices used to corral oil.  The most risky method is the chemical dispersant idea.  There is a link to that story below.